If You Are A Straight White Christian Male, You Are Privileged

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A Jesuit university is continuing the bizarre tradition of being Catholic Social Justice Warriors by handing down posters and resources to students reminding them that to be Christian means they’re unfairly privileged over everyone else.

According to a series of posters and an online ‘White Privilege Resource Guide,’ students are being asked to pay attention to the many aspects of their ‘privilege.’

‘Check Your Privilege’ Campaign

In an attempt to educate everyone on campus, including faculty, students and staff about ‘social inequalities of privilege,’ the University of San Francisco explains that they’re attempting to start off a discussion “around privilege and social inequalities in an effort to raise critical awareness of the institutional oppression often seen in the United States of America.”

University of San Francisco

The U of S.F. was founded in 1855 as a Jesuit school known as St. Ignatius Academy. The campus is located on 55 acres between Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. Currently they have over 11,000 students between their undergraduate and post graduate schools. Their current President, the Jesuit Rev. Paul Joseph Fitzgerald, has been in charge since 2014.

Starting as a one-room schoolhouse on Market Street, the school eventually earned a charter to issue college degrees in 1859. Originally, students learned languages including Greek, Latin, Spanish, English, French and Italian, and they studied geography, history, formal public speaking and algebra.

These days you’ll have to speak to one hundred college students before you find anyone who has taken a Latin class.

Campaign First Imagined When Current President Took Over

Starting in 2014, the same year as the new head of the school took the reins, the idea for this ‘privilege posters’ was thought up but not implemented.

According to the website that backs up the poster campaign,

“We live in a society that is often oppressive to certain groups of people. However, we all carry particular types of privileges that allow us to advocate for social justice and change in various situations.”

‘White Privilege Resource Guide’

Online, you can access the school’s resources for students and staff. The links are helpfully organized into sections like “What is White Privilege?” and the “Evolution of Whiteness.”

I’m fairly certain that the evolution of whiteness had something to do with human populations moving north to areas with less sun, but let’s just skip that part.

One of the posters attached here asks students to check for their privilege, and to then reflect on being white, Christian, able-bodied and heterosexual. Of course, they’re also throwing in an additional check box for being “cisgender,” which is the opposite of being “transgender,” which means that being cisgender is to be normal.

Christian Privilege or Grace of God? Catholic View On Other Religions

Probably the biggest reason that it’s odd that a Catholic order would declare themselves privileged over other religions is that in the 1960s during a period of reform, one of the pieces handed down was entitled Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions.

While the clash between Catholics, orthodox and protestant denominations is understood, this Declaration came out with official recommendations on how to treat others of the same religion. The most surprising inclusion means that Catholics are forbidden from proselytizing Jews because of a belief that they are still in a special covenant with God, but there are also guidelines for working with Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims (who are granted respect due to their relationship with Abraham and Mary among other figures).

Even with the major change of this Declaration, there was nothing in there about calling Christians more privileged than others. And this “privilege” checklist doesn’t seem to be heavy on the Grace of God in terms of privilege, it’s pure modern SJW indoctrination.

Jesuit Craziness

It’s not really the Catholics are who leading the charge on this SJW madness but rather the small group of Jesuits who have been largely responsible for community educational outreach. The current Pope Francis is himself a Jesuit.

Recently, we covered the Jesuit Marquette University that has asked RAs to actively suppress conservative thoughts on campus.

Before that we have covered The College of the Holy Cross which has produced a professor that calls Jesus a “drag king” and has stopped calling using a Crusader for their mascot, because it’s mean to think about the time when Catholics actually went out and took care of their problems.

Source: Campus Reform

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