ICE Director DESTROYS MS-13 Gang With 6 Words!

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The Immigration and Customs Enforcement organization needs someone who is no nonsense and tough to head their organization. You cannot be weak with a job like that. This is why the Directors recent comments about Hispanic MS-13 gang members will make you quiver.

ICE Director Thomas Homan made it clear his agency is not backing down one bit in battling against transnational criminal organizations like MS-13 which are based out of their home in El Salvador but permeating all throughout the United States.

He told The Daily Caller,

“My gang is bigger than theirs.”

That was not the only thing he discussed with the news outlet. He explained that ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations target not only MS-13 but other illegal gangs as well. However, he did admit they have placed a strong focus on MS-13 because,

“they seem to be the most violent right now and they think they can act with impunity. We’re taking this seriously. My gang is bigger than theirs, and we are going to take them out. That’s the goal. The president supports that. We’re going to following through on the president’s promise, and we are going to take out MS-13 as much as we can.”

These comments are right in line with the President’s immigration policy. Trump has indicated that the gang levels are depleting and the agency and administration are working to get rid of all of them very soon. President Trump previously said,

“They’re being thrown out in record numbers and rapidly.”

The gang has a sordid history. Originally it was named La Mara Salvatrucha and started out of Los Angeles, California in the 1980’s. This area was a hot spot because Salvadorans fled to this region during that time period fleeing Central American conflict.

The gang gained traction when members of the then organization began to be deported for coming here illegally. This information was made public by a research paper from the University of Pittsburgh which was hosted by the Justice Department’s National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

The President and ICE Director are supported by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions who insisted in April that there were approximately 30,000 gang members. 10,000 of which are reportedly in the United States. Between 2016 and June 4th of this year about 8,000 gang members and their associates were arrested according to the acting associate executive director Derek Benner. 602 of those were MS-13 gang members.

To combat this unfortunate rise in MS-13 due to the Obama administration an operation was carried out by officials of ICE HSI and local New York law enforcement officials. They were able to work together to arrest 39 MS-13 affiliated aliens in New York. This took place over a period of 30 days.

ICE’s New York field office director Thomas R. Decker called MS-13,

“a violent street gang actively wreaking havoc in the community.”

To show you the barbarity and the violence that MS-13 is capable of and the real threat they pose there is a story that will reaffirm this truth. Within the last few days, a MS-13 gang member was found to have murdered a 15-year-old girl. Cellphone footage was released showing him narrating and taping the murder which his fellow gang friends sat on the victim while holding a knife to her and a large wooden stake.

She was reportedly killed because she allegedly caused the death of a fellow gang member of theirs. FBI Special Agent Fernando Uribe said it perfectly when he testified in Fairfax County juvenile court by saying,

“If someone dies in a clique as a result of a fellow member, the person is killed in retaliation.”

These animals think that killing innocent people is for sport and they have zero respect for human life what so ever. Yet we are made to believe by the mainstream liberal media that we are horrible human beings simply because we don’t want barbarians like this running around the streets.

President Trump’s promise to crackdown on illegal immigration and gang violence is coming to fruition and his supporters couldn’t be happier. Which means his detractors couldn’t be unhappier. But that is perfectly fine because at the end of the day our streets are safe and so are our families and our neighbors.

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