I Thought College Was For Higher Learning Not Handouts

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The President of Duke University was joined on stage at an alumni gathering by dozens of students demanding free things while shouting him down. President Vincent Price (not that Vincent Price) was setting up to speak as a part of the alumni weekend at the school when the thirty or so protesters took their posters and hijabs and baseball hats with them to the stage.

The protesters stormed the auditorium and yelled “Vincent Price get off the stage!” for about 15 minutes as the students rattled off their list of demands with a bullhorn. Administrators and security were unsure how to deal with the interruption, because no university president speaking with visiting alumni would imagine having to deal with entitled, whiny students screaming for more, more more.

There was a little applause from the audience but also boos, likely because the audience members were preparing to be buttered up for donating money to the school. If I were an alumni with a checkbook, I’d be very unhappy that my donations weren’t going to build a new dormitory, but rather to these entitled brats.

Even worse for the protest, they knowingly interrupted a remembrance of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “Enough!” yelled someone in the audience at the students who were blathering about “racial justice, sexual violence, employee wages and working conditions” along with LGBT rights and disabled people and immigrants and God know what else they had on their plate.

12 Student Demands

The students gave twelve demands, including:

  • $15 minimum wage for all workers at Duke
  • loan-free financial aid (what? you mean free money?)
  • ‘open’ Board of Trustee meetings
  • More therapy for poor widdle stressed students
  • More dollars for a Women’s Center
  • A ‘community space’ for the disabled
  • The hiring of more diverse faculty
  • Retraining faculty so that they’ll be more likely to bend to the whims of ‘immigrant’ students
  • Rename the Julian Carr building, because he was a white supremacist who belonged to both the KKK. (Carr also attended and spoke to several Democratic National Conventions in the 1900s and 1910s, but let’s not mention that here).


Among the alumni, at least one named Gary Friedman ’83 thought it was great.

“I think it’s terrific, it’s absolutely terrific… It’s what the university is supposed to be. They handled it well. It’s a tribute to Duke that they were allowed to speak. There’s been too much speech suppression from both the left and the right.”

Eventually the students were ushered off and Price gave his speech where he defended the history and values of Duke. So, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be changing the name on the Carr building anytime soon.

This Year: Duke Prof Calls Libertarians Autistic

A few months ago, we wrote up a professor teaching history at Duke where she suggested that anyone who isn’t a liberal has an intellectual impairment:

“But at Duke University, one professor took it one step further, saying she believes conservatives and libertarians are actually “on the autism spectrum” because apparently autistic people, she believes, are heartless and unable to empathize (a point many people actually on the spectrum have been pointing out is just plain wrong).”

Famous Duke Lacrosse Case

In 2006, Duke University made international headlines when three members of the school’s lacrosse team were falsely accused of rape. The allegation was leveled by a stripper who accused every member of the lacrosse team of raping her at a party in March of that year. It was launched a hate crime, as the woman was black and all the players were white, and she was later found to have lied about the whole thing. In 2010, she was arrested for attempted murder, and in 2013 she was found to be guilty of a second degree murder after stabbing her boyfriend who later died of his injuries. She is currently serving 14-18 years.

Since then, the university has been extra sensitive. The fallout from the false rape accusations are still felt today. As we noted a few months ago, Ben Shapiro used the lacrosse case to draw parallels to modern Hollywood starlets on alleged sexual predators:

“It was a national scandal when the Duke lacrosse guys were falsely accused to have raped Crystal Mangum, who was a black stripper in Duke. And when [rape and sexual assault] actually happens, we want those guys to go away forever…we will be against rape for my entire lifetime.”

Source: Campus Reform, News Observer

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