Hysteria Hits Hoosiers Freedom of Religion Act

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CEO Tim Cook has Apple selling oranges. Rotten oranges.

In Mr. Cook’s strong opposition to Indiana’s recent bill protecting religious liberty, he makes a comparison that is patently untrue, and statements that epitomize hypocrisy. Now he may know gigabytes, video resolution and apps, but he doesn’t know jack crap about Indiana’s Restoration of Freedom of Religion Act.

In holier-than-thou, indignant fashion, he handed down from the mountaintop this little ditty, claiming the law is “dangerous” and duplicates the “days of segregation and discrimination marked by ‘Whites Only’ signs on shop doors, water fountains and restrooms.”

Then why aren’t there “Straights Only” signs now? Indiana, along with 28 other states, does not have laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

And yet, even without those laws, gay discrimination does not commonly occur. Why? Because America is a tolerant, accepting nation. But according to Cook, the RFRA – which only allows for a business to defend its religious liberty in court – will foster discrimination. Discrimination that is not currently outlawed. Help me square that circle, Tim.

As one of the “enlightened,” he also proudly proclaimed, “Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana or Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination.”

“Regardless of… how they worship.” Unless that worship is in conflict with what he believes. He’s open to everyone, as long as they agree with him

Not only does the left want to redefine marriage, they want to redefine tolerance. Tolerance used to be an attitude where we disagreed with an opposing view, but still treated the opponent with respect. The left has added the addendum: you must, not only recognize my views, but you must embrace them. And if you don’t, I will call you hateful names and obliterate your reputation.

It’s also worth noting that Apple removed the Manhattan Declaration app from its App Store. It’s a Christian app addressing the nature of marriage as man and woman and the sanctity of life of unborn children.

What happened to that openness you so righteously declared, Mr. Cook?

I’d call him a discriminatory bigot, but I stand by the traditional definition of tolerance, and support the right of his business to operate according to its values. And his decision wasn’t even based on religion. It wasn’t based on that clear, outlined Constitutional right afforded us in the First Amendment.

Cook isn’t the only nonsense spewing zealot. Ultra-leftist, LGBT activist, Dan Savage needs to see a neurologist because he seems to be suffering from brain atrophy. On MSNBC’s All In, he said, “You know, anti-black bigots – racist bigots, during Jim Crow and segregation, made the exact same arguments that you’re hearing people make now.”

Who? Who is making the argument that a business owner can refuse service to someone because they’re gay? Jim Crow laws actually mandated segregation, they required that businesses refuse service to blacks. His statement is typical leftist, fear-mongering flim-flam. And it is false. Savage, Cook, and others of their ilk aren’t interested in facts. They do not value truth. They traffic in lie-based, hysterical hissy-fits.

Then tweeting twits likes this latch on and continue the lies and hysteria:Jess Dooley tweet

I ask you, Jess Dooley, where in the bill does it claim “That’s a lifestyle they choose?” Ignorant? That’s the one part you got right, Jess. Thanks for the self-reflection.

Based on Jess’ fictional bill, she’s encouraging the village idiots, not just to ban people from observing their conscience and religious beliefs, but to set them on fire. What a beautiful display of tolerance.

The fact is, the RFRA does not encourage, promote, or allow for discrimination. It doesn’t even allow for a religious-run florist or bakery to refuse to take part in a gay wedding. If the business does refuse, they can still be sued. What this law does allow is the right to adjudicate. It permits them to present their case and defend their religious liberty in court.

The notion that Indiana businesses are going to be turning away gay people because they’re gay in absurd. Where is that happening? Why isn’t it happening in the other 19 states that have a similar bill? And what religion is promoting that?

Tim Cook Saudi ArabiaWell, Muslim ruled Saudi Arabia kills gay people, but Tim Cook doesn’t seem mind that since, in December, Apple announced the opening of an store in that oh so tolerant nation. He objects to Indiana’s law that, in fact, does not discriminate against gays, but is in talks with Iran, who punishes homosexuality by death, to sell the iPhone.

Opponents of the bill preach tolerance, but want the government to force someone to participate in and facilitate an event that conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs. Are they at all aware of the history of our country? Religious objection to participating in events has been the law of the land for quite some time. Quakers can refuse to participate in war and priests do not have to break the seal of confession to the police. This is not new. This is a basic principle of America.

Stop the hype and crack a book. Because otherwise, we’re looking at a nation of Jess Dooleys.

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