Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi: New Tax Bill is Un-Patriotic

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Nancy Pelosi was heckled during a town hall on taxes from a citizen asking a very simple question.

During last night’s gathering, the Democratic House Minority Leaders went off on the Republican tax bill and even called it “unpatriotic.”

Yanking down flags is unpatriotic. A tax bill that you disagree with isn’t necessary patriotic.

During the town hall, Pelosi’s focus was on Trump’s recent tax cuts, saying that Trump’s actions have resulted in “cuts to initiatives that help people… the national budget should be a statement of our national values, what is important as a nation.”

Sure, and those national values should be decided by the very party that was outright rejected by the voters.

Pelosi Cares About American Pride Now: “Unpatriotic!”

According to Pelosi,

“It’s unpatriotic…to do a fair tax bill, but it is about our country.”

Democrats are certainly well known for their national pride. Why, all the Democrats knocking down Confederate statues and the Colin Kaepernicks of the world kneeling during the Star Spangled banner just screams pride and patriotism.

Better add a new one to the dictionary:

Partiotic (pātrēˈädik), adjective:
Any national concern that Democrats don’t like.
“Voting for Hillary is patriotic.”

At The Arizona Town Hall

In the video below, Pelosi is preaching her sermon on the amount and drawing attention to the poor Americans who are being drug through the mud. She urged that she was not trying to pit Democrats against Republicans but that this is “about the United States… and our children’s future.”

“It can’t possibly be a statement of values for us to talk about, as Martin Luther King said, … ‘God never intended for one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadly poverty,’ so these are kitchen table issues for most of America’s families. Most people are not in deadly poverty, but some are. But most people have to struggle to…”

And that’s when she’d knocked off guard by a curious attendee.

A Heckler Appears

So a woman in the audience popped up:

“How much are you worth, Nancy?”

“No, we’re not talking about that!” said Pelosi, raising her voice.

“In any event… I can out… I’m a mother of five, I can speak louder than anybody.”

If you missed that, she compared a taxpayer in the audience to rambunctious children. Being a mom is no easy feat, but telling a citizen that you can yell louder than them is not a good answer for this woman’s question.

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Democrats Lining Up To Kick Her Out

Earlier this week we recorded the recent phenomenon of Democrats looking to unseat Pelosi, who will be turning 78 next month. Most of the talk is surrounding the decline in support for the Democrats since she took over as their pack leader in 2010. If the Democrats continue to lose during the November midterm elections, then there are several candidates on people’s minds to take over including Rep. Steny Hoyer from Maryland and Rep. Joe Crowley from New York. The agitation comes on the heels of a 2016 confidence vote that gave her 134 supportive ballots and 63 Democrats who voted against the continuation of her leadership.

Fundraising Is Changing

Yet Pelosi remains due to her prolific fundraising which has relied heavily on the coasts. But with last autumn’s collapse of the bright stars of Hollywood notably Harvey Weinstein who helped to run numerous Democrat fundraisers in Hollywood, these fresh Democrats need to find a new vein to tap if they want to be next in line.

As we know from the revelations of Donna Brazille, the Democratic National Committee and the party itself are in poor financial straits, having bet so heavily that Hillary would win over Trump.

The Video on the Trump Tax

You can watch a one minute, thirty second clip from the town hall that includes the heckler. And if you’re watching on a phone, the backdrop shows a little Donald Trump dressed up like the Monopoly Man holding a big burlap sack with a dollar sign on it.

Sources: The American Mirror, NTK Network

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