Hugo Chavez’s Trusted Advisor And Propagandist Gets Ready To Run The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

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Don’t believe that San Francisco is headed by communists? Well, hold on to your suspenders. Chesa Boudin, who was literally Hugo Chavez’s trusted propagandist, translator, and advisor (communist Cuba-groomed from the start) just won in San Francisco’s district attorney’s race. And it gets worse… he is the adopted son of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn — you know, the Weather Underground terrorists and Barack Obama supporters that helped get him elected.

An acolyte of dictator Hugo Chavez will now be the top prosecutor for San Francisco. He’s also been photographed in Venezuela armed with a rifle while getting guerrilla training, according to Venezuelan sources. He literally hung out with the Chavista goon squads known as the ‘Colectivos,’ the same barbarians who drive around on motorcycles and shoot into crowds who protest. Those are his buds. He will bring Marxism and lawlessness even more to a city that is already steeped in it.

Bill Ayers, Chesa Boudin, and Luis Bonilla-Molina

From American Thinker:

“It’s beyond disgusting, given that this guy is about as unfit as it’s fathomable to think for a position like running the D.A.’s office. Yet it’s actually a significant watershed, too. Up until now, guys with pasts as radical as Boudin never stood a chance for public office. Not even post-Berlin Wall communist Van Jones lasted in the Obama White House. Today, they’re getting elected in a steep drop in the quality of people getting into public office as Democrats.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemed to have been the start. Today, a blackface Democrat runs the statehouse government in Virginia. A convicted child molester Democrat just got elected to the Virginia legislature.

“In Minnesota and Maine, far-left Somali miitants, in hijabs same as Omar.

“In San Diego, the grandson of the mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre says he’s running again. The quality of Democrats is skidding downward.

“The gamier your past, the better your prospects inside the Democratic Party. Chesa Boudin is just the epitome of the trend.

“This signals a party that’s going downhill fast given the declining quality of its candidates. What next, a place for Nicolas Maduro in San Francisco?

“Don’t bet against it.”

Michelle Malkin wrote on this just over a week ago: “Socialist Bernie Sanders just endorsed the bleeding-heart candidate for San Francisco District Attorney who makes President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, look like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.” Exactly right.

The radical leftist wants to turn San Francisco into an even bigger sanctuary for the homeless, drug abusers, illegal immigrants, gangsters, vandals, thieves, recidivist criminals, and cop-haters than it already is. And it won’t take him long to do it either. Don’t be fooled by his homey campaign videos. This guy is a stone-cold communist.

More from Malkin:

“The cornerstone of Boudin’s campaign is sabotaging immigration enforcement. He has called for prosecution and imprisonment of ICE and police officers for doing their jobs and vowed to create an “immigrant defense unit” within the DA’s office to “stand up to Trump on immigration.”

“While American veterans beg for money on San Francisco’s feces-clogged street corners, Boudin will instead subsidize “universal legal representation” for illegal immigrants facing deportation.

“While American angel families are denied standing in American courts to sue the sanctuary outlaws whose policies enabled criminals in this country illegally to injure, rape or murder their loved ones, Boudin will “help every single immigrant victim of every crime obtain a U-Visa.”

“Boudin’s campaign tagline claims he wants to build a criminal justice system “for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.” The chutzpah. It burns.”

Boudin is well-connected too. According to Malkin, he’s been endorsed by a who’s who of far-left celebrities, from Sanders to Hamas-linked “Women’s March” co-founder Linda Sarsour to Black Lives Matter hate crime hoax propagandist Shaun King to radical Chicago DA and Jussie Smollett fixer Kim Foxx to Black Panther Party commie revolutionary Angela Davis.

He’s also the top fundraiser in his race, pulling in $623,000 this year. Just think what he’ll do next. One of his top donors is Chloe Cockburn, who is a prominent partner of globalist billionaire George Soros’ Democracy Alliance.

Again from Malkin who did the work that the mainstream media just won’t do:

“What makes Boudin especially toxic is his family tree. Boudin is the militant offspring of spoiled-rich radicals Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, members of the violent Weather Underground terrorist group, which bombed government buildings and corporate headquarters, aided convicted felons in jailbreaks and participated in a 1981 Brink’s armored car holdup in Nyack, New York, with the Black Liberation Army. That crime took the lives of three innocent Americans — police officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown and private security guard Peter Paige.

“Kathy Boudin was an 11-year fugitive from justice after an accidental homemade bomb explosion at her New York City townhouse resulted in three other deaths. At the time of her arrest in Nyack, Boudin gave police one of many false identities she had used to evade the law. She was paroled in 2003 after convincing parole board members that she acted nobly out of “white guilt” to protest racism against blacks. (Reality check: Officer Waverly Brown was a black, working-class military veteran.) Gilbert remains in prison. Their story was glorified and romanticized by Robert Redford in the 2013 movie, “The Company You Keep.”

“After Kathy Boudin dropped off toddler Chesa at a babysitter’s house so she could help perpetrate the bloody $1.6 million Brink’s heist, this privileged elitist was adopted by another pair of America-hating domestic agitators, unrepentant Weathermen colleagues Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers celebrated bombing the Pentagon in his radical memoir, “Fugitive Days,” taught at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and mentored Barack Obama. Dohrn declared war on “AmeriK*Ka,” helped stage the “Days of Rage” in Chicago, when Weathermen blew up a memorial statue to police officers and rioted violently, leaving 75 policemen wounded and one permanently injured in a wheelchair, and then spent years as a fugitive from justice before settling into a comfy post as former director of the Legal Clinic’s Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University.

“Steeped in Marxist ideology and self-pity, Boudin moaned to The New York Times that he was “sad that my parents have to suffer what they have to suffer on a daily basis” because they were “dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world.” No compassion for the families of the officers his parents helped murder, but the Yale grad and Rhodes Scholar did earn praise for his crusades against “urban misery in Bolivia, homelessness in Santiago and illiteracy in Guatemala.”

“Now Boudin wants to avenge his cop-killing parents by imposing “restorative justice” and “decarceration” policies that will incentivize violent crime and endanger lives in San Francisco and beyond. If you think California is on fire now, just wait until this red diaper baby takes control of the prosecutorial wheel.”

The San Francisco Police Officers Association responded to this guy running for office by spending $600,000 to launch attack ads calling Boudin “the number one choice of criminals and gang members,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. That’s the blunt truth of all this. “Unfortunately, the election results mean that San Francisco residents will have to suffer through another four years of the George Gascon style policies that have plagued our city and decimated public safety,” The SF POA said in a statement responding to Boudin’s win.

Boudin’s grandfather was Fidel Castro’s lawyer. His maternal grandfather was New York communist attorney, Leonard Boudin. He has a communist revolutionary pedigree and now he holds one of the most powerful offices in the City by the Bay. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong.

He’s also a follower of Colombia’s allied FARC Marxist narco-terrorists. And he’s a fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders naturally. Boudin was a supporter of the Bolivian revolution as well. This guy is a verifiable national security risk.

Sources: The Daily Wire, American Thinker (1), American Thinker (2), Gulag Bound, CBS News, The Times of Israel, KeyWiki

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