Hospital Left War Vet’s Cadaver Rotting In Shower For 9 Hours! Investigations Discover Staff…

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If you thought you had seen disrespect, you haven’t seen anything until you read how badly one war vet was treated after his death. A Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida left the body of a veteran in his shower for nine hours after the veteran died. To top it off, proper pickup procedures to the morgue weren’t followed!

The Tampa Bay Times on Sunday reported that an internal investigation concluded that staff at the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System failed to provide appropriate post-mortem care to the veteran’s body.

The investigative report stated that leaving the body to rot for this long increased chances of decomposition.

Since the very insensitive incident, the hospital Administrative Investigation Board ordered retraining for all staff.

A hospital spokesman, Jason Dangel, mentioned that hospital officials view what happened as unacceptable, and to avoid such events from occurring in the future, they have implemented changes.

Dangel stated:

“We feel that we have taken strong, appropriate and expeditious steps to strengthen and improve our existing systems and processes within the unit,”

“It is our expectation that each veteran is transported to their final resting place in the timely, respectful and honorable manner. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.”


The investigation found that once the veteran died, hospice staff members requested a staffer known as a “transporter” to get the body moved to the morgue.

The transporter told them to follow proper procedures and notify dispatchers, but that request was never made, so nobody showed up to take the body away.

Instead, it was moved to a hallway in the hospice and then to the shower room where it was unattended for more than nine hours.

Some hospice staff “demonstrated a lack of concern, attention, and respect” for the veteran, according to the investigative report.

Wow! What a way to repay the men who fought for our country. Man, someone got fired. This is very unprofessional coming from the people who are supposed to be top notch at their job. When choosing a career in the medical field, there is little room for error.

The investigation also uncovered that staff failed to make a 24-hour nursing report. This would have given some kind of clue whether the death was reported properly or not, and the staff failed to update the nursing organizational chart. The negligent errors from employees hampered efforts to determine who was even in charge during the entire disaster.

This really is unacceptable! I’m sure his family would have liked a proper burial, one that didn’t include a rotting cadaver. This is just further proof how poorly our vets are treated in care facilities, something needs to be done about this, it’s so sad that the old people who are sent to these places go there to die and are usually treated very poorly by the staff. Is there anything that can be done?

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