Homeless Veteran Had Nowhere To Turn To- Then These Elementary Children Changed EVERYTHING!

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A group of young elementary children showed a lot of heart when they gave a gift full of love to a veteran in need. “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”, are the words of the late Whitney Houston and they describe the inspiration young children can have on a community. A Veteran and his wife were left homeless when their camper was badly damaged by a fire in Norwood, Georgia. With no way to repair their home a group of Elementary students from Rome, Georgia stepped in to become little hero’s and built the couple a tiny house.

Eddie and Cindy Browning never expected students from Elm Street Elementary to give them a new house. The young students constructed a tiny house last year, in hopes that they could find a worthy person to donate it to.

Without a place to store the tiny house the project came to a halt. Event workers from the Georgia Tiny House Festival learned about the Elementary schools’ efforts to finish the tiny house and stepped in to help along with the Ooh La La Lavender Farm finished. They finished the home by adding an additional room to the home and installed plumbing, electricity, and heating. A few months later, the house was ready to be given to a veteran at the festival.

Eddie and Cindy were the lucky veteran family to receive the customized wooden-style tiny home. The elementary children were even there to witness the couple’s reaction. Eddie was in complete shock. The Navy veteran got choked up by the gesture of kindness. “I don’t have the words to tell you what we feel,” he told Fox News. The couple had been surviving in very cold temperatures, Eddie was very happy to have a warm home again. Cindy said she couldn’t believe the whole thing and that it felt like a dream. They plan to find transportation for their new mini house-on-wheels back to their home in Norwood.

Seeing that the project was a success, Elm Street Elementary is planning to design more homes. The children want to put more smiles on the faces of families in need.

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