Home Depot Founder: Democrats Are Losing So They Want To Change The Rules Of The Game

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Democrats always want to move the goalposts, because they cannot win the debate. Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot points out in a new op-ed at Breitbart at how they change the rules when they cannot win. He discusses how their new mantra is to now dump the electoral college.

Marcus points out the “Democrats’ blatant and unapologetic attempts to subvert U.S. founding institutions in their lust for power.”

Bernie Marcus is the retired co-founder of The Home Depot and the co-founder of the Job Creators Network.

It is a great piece. I want to share a portion with you:

One of the biggest criticisms of President Trump is that he violates so-called “democratic norms.” Leading Democrats, think tank officials, and newspaper columnists have continuously wrung their hands over how everything from Trump’s tweets to his legitimate criticisms of the mainstream media somehow threatens American governing institutions. “Trump has assailed essential institutions and traditions…” claims a left-wing outfit in a report issued this year.

Yet these same groups are conspicuously silent on Democrats’ blatant and unapologetic attempts to subvert U.S. founding institutions in their lust for power that they cannot achieve through the existing governing framework. In recent weeks, Democrats have called for abolishing the country’s constitutional voting system, allowing children to vote, and packing the Supreme Court.

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Still smarting from Hillary Clinton’s election loss, where she received more total votes than Trump, leading Democrats are calling to convert the nation’s constitutional voting system into a popular vote. Eight Democratic presidential primary candidates want to dump the electoral college, while others are open to the idea. “My view is that every vote matters,” said Democratic presidential primary candidate Elizabeth Warren last month. “And the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college.”

Sen. Warren is well aware that the current system created by our framers already features a national or popular vote. Every vote is counted, but the electoral college ensures that every state is also counted, balancing popular democracy with geographic democracy, so the wishes of people throughout the country are listened to — not just those in the big cities.

Under a popular vote system, a Democrat could win by never campaigning outside the Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, and Chicago metro areas. If you thought the heartland was overlooked by politicians now, just wait until the votes there don’t matter under a popular vote system.

Recognizing the support they have from young people who have never filed a tax return or provided for their families, Democrats are also pushing to lower the voting age to 16….

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(Marcus continues his discussion here at Breitbart. Please go continue the article. Breitbart and Breitbart Texas do some amazing work. After finishing, wander the site for a while. Great articles. They will tell you what the MSM is not.)

The left is the party of ‘the ends, justifies the means’. As long as they get to their goal, they do not care how. They take baby steps.

If you are wondering how in a few short years, they have arrived at infanticide, gun confiscation and socialist medicine, when just a few years back, they as a party denied they were goals…baby steps.

It is those baby steps that we always have to be aware of. Their stated goals, are never the conclusion. They are only steps.


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