Hollywood Anti-Trump Protest Leads To Fisticuffs!

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The division between President Trump supporters and President Trump detractors is real and it is palpable. The so called Democratic resistance has become the party of Anti-Trump. While they have constantly accused Republicans of not standing for anything other than standing against everything they now have become the very thing they hate.

During a recent protest turned maybe riot one anti-Trump protestor found out the hard way that no matter how righteously indignant you are it does not give you the right to be violent.

A protest against the White House administration took place in Hollywood, California this past weekend. An anti-Trump protestor with long white hair was found on camera hitting a Trump supporter with a “Make American Great Again” hat on. Both were facing off with each other when the Trump supporter got in the face of the anti-Trump supporter and egged him on to take a swing at him.

Finally, after some verbal back and forth, the Trump supporter yelled, “F*** you!” That is when the anti-Trump protester went off the wall and smacked the Trump supporter right in the head with his sign. Immediately the Trump supporter started throwing punches at the white-haired man who attacked him. Shortly thereafter, the anti-Trump protester went running for his life. Right as he was able to get away, the Trump supporter was able to punch him square in the face.

A very large crowd came to watch when the man fell in the street. Two people were arrested near the protest but no injuries other than this altercation were recorded or reported to law enforcement officials. It is unknown if either one of the men was arrested in relation to this altercation. Two people were handcuffed by officers with the Los Angeles Police Department, but they were quickly let go after a shoving match dissolved.

During the protest, anti-Trump protesters were heard yelling, “No KKK. No fascist U.S.A. No Trump” as well as “U.S.A, U.S.A., U.S.A.” Other than this altercation the protest remained largely nonviolent as people marched past the Hollywood Walk of Fame near the Hollywood/Highland Metro station. Close to 100 people attended the protest and a few hundred more who supported the President, both for and against the President.

One anti-Trump protester Carrie Copsin was recorded by a reporter and said the following about the protest,

“This is my second anti-Trump march that I’ve had in two weeks. We want him out of the White House. He does not represent the American people as far as I’m concerned.”

Isabel Cardenas of Refuse Fascism said,

“We have had it with this regime. They must go. We are here today because we are fed up with the Donald Trump regime. They are illegitimate. They are fascist.”

Michelle Xai, an anti-Trumper, said,

“In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America. We refuse to live in a society where all of these things are happening. That’s why we’re on the streets.”

But one President Trump supporter Kurtis Bell explained why he and his friends had come out to the protest,

“Supposedly doing some havoc around the star. The Trump star that is. Disrespecting it. Make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Another President Trump supporter Randi Berger told reporters,

“We’re not anti-immigrant. We’re not anti-anything. We’re pro law and order and honoring our constitution.”

38-year-old Trump supporter Anna King said,

“I think we should all come together as a country and support our president.”

People also took to social media to discuss what was going on and spread the word. Look at some of the Twitter posts,

The anti-Trump rhetoric in our country is getting out of control and it needs to be stopped. Violence is never the answer to any problem. Sadly, the Democratic Party has become the very thing they hate. While they pride themselves on being tolerant and accepting of people who identify with their beliefs, they are out there hitting people. Yet no Democrat or liberal politician is willing to speak up to say that ‘enough is enough’.

People don’t like change. And in the process of making America great again, their will be immense amounts of change. No matter what he does he will always receive push back which is why it is so important the President and his administration disregard all the naysayers and keep on making American safe.

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