Holder’s legacy: Injustice

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Eric Holder, resigning as the Attorney General and chief law enforcement officer of America, will leave behind a shameful legacy of corruption, crime and cover-up, obstruction of justice, an all-out assault on the First and Second Amendments, and overt discrimination based on class, race, and political beliefs. In other words, the very opposite of justice.

The United States was founded on the principle of individual freedom, with a limited and accountable government whose primary job was to secure that freedom. Courts were there to administer justice, and law enforcement was there to protect the innocent, and to stop the guilty. While the application of those principles have suffered a slow and steady decline, starting right up front with Madison v Marbury, this administration, with Holder as the legal muscle, has taken away freedom and rights at a breath-taking level.

Holder’s legacy will primarily be that of corruption, obstructionism, racial politics, and Democrat partisanship. It’s not possible in a single article to enumerate every crime and misdemeanor committed by this man. Even this summary will fail to hit everything. Consider it a sampler.


Fast & Furious was an Obama administration project designed to put citizen gun ownership in a bad light. The footprints of this lead straight to the top levels of the Justice Department (i.e., Holder’s top men, and possibly Holder himself). The Feds brought about the illegal sale of guns in large numbers in border states like Arizona to Mexican drug cartel members, ostensibly to track them and then…. well, it gets fuzzy about what they purported to do with that knowledge. As we now know, the real intent was to capitalize politically on crimes committed with this weapons in order to pave the way for stricter gun control laws. As details emerged, the public outrage was instead directed at the administration.

The IRS scandal of targeting conservatives also leads to the Justice Department. It has been learned that Lois Lerner’s office coordinated extensively with Justice, with the plan at least originally was to seek out and if possible, prosecute targeted conservatives for simply using the available tax-exempt apparatus routinely used by leftist political groups.

Even though this was done before Holder was AG, it merits mention that in the closing days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Holder brokered the pardon of billionaire tax fugitive Marc Rich. You understand what I mean by brokered. It was bought, and Holder was the bag man, no doubt pocketing some serious cash for his role.

Holder’s Civil Rights Division deserves its own subsection under corruption, but they are covered later under Racial Politics.


Holder and his henchmen have gone to amazing lengths to avoid accountability. He and they have lied to Congress, refused to answer questions, gone after people who ask questions, ignored FOIA requests, and even ignored federal judge demands to show their Vaughn List – the list of the names of documents that they are withholding.

He has claimed whole new varieties of This Privilege or That Privilege to assert that he, his department, Obama, or some other administration official does not have to provide answers to judges or Congressional committees.

Never before, that i know of, has a sitting Attorney General been cited with Contempt of Congress, and it was issued due to the unprecedented level of obstruction.

Racial Politics

This got started right off the bat. This famous scene in Philadelphia, during the 2008 election, resulted in the investigation of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party men involved in the video.

It was an open-and-shut case. The Civil Rights division had the goods, and prosecution or a deal were already being pursued when Holder nixed the whole thing.

As Obama’s presidency unfolded, Holder injected himself into racial matters more directly. He called America a “nation of cowards” for not talking more about race matters. Presumably he meant “white America”. As attorney general his job was to secure justice for “all” people, but he liked the term “my people”, and his CRD turned into a weapon of the enforcement of “racial justice”. His people were responsible for stirring up the Trayvon Martin matter into a national frenzy.

At some point Holder actually declared, in so many words, that Civil Rights laws only protected the rights of minorities. White people, you see, could not, by definition, have their rights denied. Even by racially motivated men with clubs at voting stations, apparently.

In latter days he bragged about using his position as a political activist.

Democrat Partisanship

Holder has used the DOJ like a hammer to pursue partisan ends. He sued Arizona for their attempt to enforce immigration laws. He has sued states, including Texas, for their Voter ID laws. When the Supreme Court took the teeth out of the Voting Rights Act, he has striven mightily to enforce it anyway.

He has brought pressure about with threats to investigate states and local governments merely for their conservative policies.

Holder also brought about Operation Choke Point. It was so blatant it actually had a name, and it was discussed in public. Operation Choke Point put pressure on banks to close accounts of people and companies that were involved in the sale of guns and ammunition, or involved in any of a whole list of non-Democrat-approved activities.

The IRS scandal, which DOJ not only had a hand in but refused to investigate, was a successful effort to silence political dissent.

That’s not just un-Constitutional. It is anti-Constitutional. Eric Holder’s legacy forever will be that he greatly damaged the rule of law and the rule of the Constitution in America.

My wish


I know. Republicans, the ones in power at least, lack the strength of will to actually punish the guilty. That doesn’t mean a man can’t dream though.

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