HOA Demands Texas Family Remove Christmas Snowman From Yard

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

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Here we go again with another Home Owner’s Association (HOA) getting out of hand! The Canyon Springs HOA in San Antonio Texas has told a young family that November 1st is too early to put out their Christmas Snowman, and has told them to get rid of it, or else. The HOA sent the Claudia Simonis family a letter saying the festive display was a violation and that the snowman needed to be removed.

Simonis is pregnant and due around Christmas, so she had put him out a little earlier than normal.

I would imagine that the HOA board is regretting right now, as not only are they receiving bad press…

And not only did the Simini’s refuse to take their showman down….

Many other neighbors started putting their decorations up in support! Go get em! Here is the phone number for the Canyon Springs HOA in case you would like to opine: (210) 342-1181

I love the headline at the Dallas Morning news:

HOA plays Grinch to Texas family over early Christmas decorations

On Nov. 4, they found a notice pinned to their door from Diamond Association Management & Consulting — the neighborhood’s HOA.

“Maintenance – Holiday Decorations Need To Be Removed,” the notice read, according to WOAI.

They were also told to install the decorations closer to the holiday season but didn’t specify a date.

The couple didn’t take kindly to the HOA’s admonition. Nor did some neighbors, who wasted no time in putting up their own decorations.

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“I don’t think this should be an issue,” neighbor Charles Minton told WOAI. “These are the holidays. This is what we do. We take care of our neighbors. That’s what a neighborhood is about.”

Both San Antonio TV stations reached out to the HOA but haven’t heard back.

The Simonis family, defying the threat of a possible fine, say the decorations are here to stay.

“It wasn’t our intention to make the HOA mad, but now it seems personal,” Nicholaas Simoni told KENS. “I don’t think it’s their job to tell us what to do — obviously if the grass isn’t looking good, but there’s other issues in our neighborhood besides Christmas too soon.”

These homeowners associations have gone way past their purpose in most places. Those that sit on these boards are mostly those same kids in school who wanted to boss everyone around on the playground. I have had to write too many articles in the past about the banning of American flags and otherwise.

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Who the hell do these people think they are? Unfortunately, most residents don’t get involved with their neighborhood until it is too late, and a small group of idiots has put in place rules that noone would approve of.

I live in a good HOA. It is actually a POA. We have a beautiful park, a nice boat ramp and dock. We have good insurance. So far, nobody is trying to micromanage our lives as are these dorkwads at Canyon Springs HOA (210-342-1181) are trying to do.

Whoever these people are have low self esteems. Any psycologist will tell you that is a basic when it comes to bossy people who want to force the world around them to fit into their little mold.

I hope the residents take this HOA to the mat, remove all board members, destroy all but the basic rules, and put in place guarantees that it will not get to this point ever again. Remove the filthy….

Idiots! All of them narcissistic idiots!

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