Hillary’s Press Conference – questions and reminders

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Hillary’s Press Conference yesterday brought back a lot of memories.
Shep Smith at FOX News held the after-press conference at Fox News.  He would be a good advisor to Barack Obama, as he used a deceptive false argument in his comments, just as Barack does.
He said that Hillary’s lack of good answers will be good fodder for conspiracy theorists and haters.  Really, Shep?
No.  Perhaps you are too young to remember.  A
ll those who expect transparency from our Secretary of State and government, as well as those who remember her long history of lying and blaming others, have good reason to be skeptical and to ask further questions of Hillary.  It will serve America well.
At the presser, Clinton clearly had staged the first questions, for she actually carefully read the nuanced answers.  She will let us decide if the reporter from Turkey was right when he suggested that if she were not a woman, these email questions would not exist.  This question came from a man whose own country has no protections for the rights of women.
She stated that she used her private server so she wouldn’t have to have two phones – for convenience, don’t you know.  I have a very basic phone and have little expertise, but even I have two email addresses on my one phone.  How dumb does she think we are?
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She said she has asked the State Department to produce all her emails as asked – well, the ones she didn’t delete, that is.

If she is so transparent and trustworthy, why were the emails not given up last August when a FOIA request was submitted?
If she is on the up and up, why are there NO emails available from the day the photo was taken of her with cell phone in hand, near the time of her Benghazi debacle?
The server belongs to  Bill and me, she said, and shall remain private.  She will not give it up.  Certainly, she said, we will respect that response, for no one wants to share personal emails with their husband and daughter with the public.  Bill Clinton has said he has only sent 2 emails in his life.  But trust her, right?
There was a report on Fox News last night that an IT has found her server, in a government building in midtown Manhattan.
I have questions about those “private” emails.  Did the ones concerning Chelsea’s wedding discuss gifts from Islamic countries?  Did the ones to hubby Bill concern gifts from Islamic countries?  Did they use their private emails to discuss donations to their Foundation which came from the Middle East?  Is the fact that it was she who decided what emails to be deleted and which ones to keep reason enough for America to have suspicions?  Would letting a third party entity choose those emails have assured us that nothing nefarious is going on?  Does she care?
For those readers who are too young to remember, a few Google searches will entertain you.  Check out why Hillary was fired as a consultant to the Watergate Investigation Committee. Google the terms Whitewater; loss of Whitewater papers; cattle futures; bimbo eruptions; Monica Lewinsky, and vast right-wing conspiracy.   While you are at it, Google Paula Jones, who as assaulted by Bubba, and the name given her by Bill and his administration: Trailer Park Trash.
14-0628 - Hillary Gaffe 300Hillary has a long history of actions for which she has lost the trust of inquiring minds.
She stated that all of her emails went to .gov addresses, so she knew they would be captured by the State Department.
Why not ask those to whom she sent those emails to forward them on to the State Department, since she is so trustworthy?
Our President said he had received no emails from Hillary. Oops, no, he did receive emails but didn’t notice the address. Well, he only learned about all this from the newspapers.  It was Barack, after all, who demanded that .gov email be used for all correspondence relating to work, for the sake of transparency. I imagine he is truly quite outraged.  He can add his outrage, by the way, to Attorney General Eric Holder, his best buddy, for he also used a secret email address to conduct work.
No one questioned Hillary about the safety of her private server being secure from hacking, from being seen by our enemies.  Ari Fleisher guarantees us that her emails were hacked.  Confidential emails purportedly from former political advisor Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary have been hacked and widely distributed to politicians and news sources.  Included in the hacker “Guccifer’s” distribution list are Russian news service such as Pravda.  Feeling safe yet?
Hillary Clinton has clearly damaged the Democrat reputation, enraging those who have had her back for so many decades. She has reminded us of her shady past as Bill’s co-President, as he called her at the time.  We need NCIS’s Abby to crack into that server.  I almost expected her to end her press conference with these words:  “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”
Lucianne said: Not only that…she lied about the server.
An IT on Greta last night found it in a gov’t building in midtown Manhattan. 
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