Hillary Clinton’s Proposed 2020 Run ‘Makes Me Want To Drink,’ States Former CIA Officer

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She’s back! Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been inserting herself into every hot political topic she can over the last few weeks. Former CIA officer and Democrat Bryan Dean Wright claims it’s because of her “bruised sense of self.” That’s a nice way of saying she’s ticked over not winning the last election and she’s an egomaniac.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with host Ed Henry, Wright said that the revived speculation about the failed 2016 presidential candidate’s last-minute entry in the 2020 race makes him “want to drink.” “And, I don’t even drink,” he told Henry. Right there with him on this… I think the rest of America is as well. No one wants Hillary Clinton to run for the presidency again. What a nightmare.

From Fox News:

“Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday, former top adviser Philippe Reines said Clinton had not foreclosed on the possibility.

“She ran for president because she thought she would be the best president. If she still thought that now, if she thought she had the best odds of beating Donald Trump, I think she would think about it long and hard,” Reines said. “She might as well run. She might be the best person to beat President Pence — I’m sorry, I meant President Trump.”

“Prior to Reines’ interview, speculation had been growing that Clinton would make a last-minute entry into the 2020 presidential race after reports Tuesday said members of the Democratic establishment doubted any of the party’s current top candidates can beat the president next November.

“But those Democrats already running said Clinton is doing more harm than good for the party by taking aim at Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, in recent remarks.

“Clinton in recent weeks has privately stated she would enter the 2020 presidential race if she were certain she could win, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

“The story, titled “Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, ‘Is There Anybody Else?’” said about a half-dozen Democratic donors gathered in New York City questioned whether former front-runner Joe Biden could stand strong against the president.

“It is so frustrating to keep hearing this from her over and over again,” Wright said. “Look, the country made it very clear not once, but twice, that we’re not interested. We’re just not that into her. It doesn’t seem that she’s getting the message.”

“Wright added that he thought Clinton was probably “first and foremost” trying to sell her books.

“She got $8 million for her memoir. The Clinton family made over $23 million on their books. So, she throws some bombs, whether it be the Tulsi Gabbard stuff, teasing this 2020 run — I think that’s a part of it,” he theorized.

“But, again, I think the other piece of it really is, at the end of the day, it’s her ego. It’s her bruised sense of self,” said Wright.”

At the crux of this insanity is the blunt fact that none of the current Democratic candidates can beat President Trump. The left is terrified and desperate… but are they desperate enough to embrace Clinton yet again?

From The Daily Wire:

“Democrats who have recently spoken with Mrs. Clinton say she shares the same concerns other party elites have about the field — worried about Mr. Biden’s durability, Ms. Warren’s liberal politics and unsure of who else can emerge to take on Mr. Trump,” the Times added. “But these people, who spoke anonymously to discuss private conversations, say she enjoys the freedom that comes with not being on the ballot.”

“The Washington Post confirmed The Times’ reporting, saying that speculation has increased as the so-called “moderate” Democrat presidential candidates have struggled to gain any traction in the election.

“Hillary Clinton, according to two people close to her, has not ruled out jumping in herself, a sign that she is hearing similar dissatisfaction,” The Post wrote. “Views about Clinton vary widely, however, and in part mirror the ideological and generational schisms that have fed the current anxiety. More seasoned leaders who have seen Democrats lose big have tended to prefer a safer, middle-road candidate more palatable to a wide range of voters.”

“John Coale, a major donor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, was frank on the topic of Democrats’ prospects of beating President Donald Trump in 2020: “They don’t have anybody who can win the general [election].”’

I don’t think Clinton will run, but who knows? She is disliked on both sides of the aisle and then there is the little problem of pressuring journalist Ronan Farrow to cover up the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein because she was worried that the story could be problematic for her. Hillary is about as corrupt as they come and she’s a losing ticket — even more so than the lousy field the Dems are vetting currently.

Just the thought of Hillary Clinton hitting the campaign trail does make one long for a drink… pass the bourbon, please.

Sources: Fox News, The Daily Wire, Breitbart, The Daily Mail, National Review, Independent

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