Hillary Clinton Supporters Actually Want Sharia Law: [VIDEO]

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It can’t be, right? Sharia Law, which treats women worse than cattle or dogs is actually supported by a bunch of clueless lemmings who worship Hillary, support Hillary, and sadly – will probably vote for Hillary.

I can’t figure out if this is sick, sad, wacko, demented or just a product of public schools.

Hat tip: Federalist Papers

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In their defense, given the fact that these are Hillary Clinton supporters the most likely explanation is that they don’t have a clue what Sharia Law really is.

I have never understood why liberals are so wanting to bend over backward to make Muslim immigrants feel “comfortable” and not threatened by our culture, when Muslims literally hate everything liberals believe in.

Watch the clueless Hillary fans below:


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On second thought, maybe Hillary is a witch and has put a spell on them?

Wouldn’t you love it if Trump or Cruz threw a bucket of water on Hillary at the first debate to see if she melts?

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