Hillary Clinton Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The Democrat Party has been freshly cursed with Hillary Clinton’s return as she announces her return in online magazines after being rejected from the mainstream media for being a filthy rotten liar.

After taking second place to President Donald Trump, Hillary was unable to cope with the news that her years of plotting with the FBI and the DOJ to swing the election for herself didn’t work. Now she’s gearing up with progressive groups to work on marketing efforts for the upcoming midterm elections. Great. Can’t Wait. I love more Hillary.

Starting this week Clinton has set out to gather the forces up to help the party that she destroyed.

Hillary Running Self-Centered Propaganda Effort

This Monday Clinton participated in a gathering that included around one dozen progressive groups under the banner of Onward Together. The group was founded after the 2016 election by Hillary with the aim to advance “the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

We’ve been saying since before the election that the left would be aiming their propaganda to undermine Trump’s win, and this group is the same. They’re still beating the drum that winning votes in coastal elite cities means winning the whole election. If the popular vote were the measure of the vote, then millions more Trump voters in heavily Democrat states would’ve up and voted. Do the left really think that Republicans in California bother to go to the polls?

Onward Together

The group was launched in spring 2017 and gave their immediate support for other organizations including Color of Change, Emerge America, Indivisible, Swing Left and Run for Something. In recent months they have given support to Alliance for Youth Action, Arena Summit, Collective PAC, iVote Fund, Latino Victory and Voto Latino.

“We’re particularly interested in working with groups that present a well-articulated vision; have a demonstrated ability to attract supporters, volunteers, and donors; and have a willingness to collaborate with like-minded groups.”

The group supports other organizations through membership building, online endorsements, mentor ship, introductions with donors and direct grants.

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Who’s paying for all these events? Nobody knows. Without joking, I’d say it’s probably the Russians and George Soros.

Interview with Online Magazine

Speaking with the magazine Bustle (if you’ve never heard of it, you’re not missing out), Clinton said that she’s progressive because she doesn’t want to see “us go backwards.” Brilliant thoughts, Mrs Almost-President. Tell us more.

“But organized interested fueled by ideology and huge amounts of money are trying to take us backwards. So I feel as strongly today as I ever have that we all have to stand up and defend our country, and most importantly, our democracy.”

Last year, the Federal Elections Committee targeted Hillary and the DNC for breaking the law with the fake Russian Dossier:

According to The Washington Times, a watchdog group filed a complaint with the FEC on Wednesday charging that the DNC and Clinton campaign violated campaign finance law by failing to disclose the nature of the payments they were making through a lawyer to the company that compiled the dossier — Fusion GPS.

Paying via a law firm allowed the campaign to characterize the money as “legal services” rather than opposition research, the group argues.

But here’s the part that guarantees that Hillary has not yet paid back her sponsors, and will continue to be with us into the midterms. Whoever paid for her last campaign — Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran — probably wants more value and is pushing her to keep going despite being such a liar and a loser.

“Just as I’m working here today to try to make sure we’re prepared to do everything we can in November, there are thousands of people on the other side who are doing the same… ven though I think the energy is on our side, we have to translate that into a very strong electoral strategy.”

Probably a good time to remind Hillary that despite having so many internet companies, from Twitter to Facebook to major online media on her side, with all this money pouring in from all over, it was no match against Donald J. Trump appealing directly to the people who had the ability to cast a vote.

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Sources: Fox News, Onward Together

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