Hillary Campaign Demands Recount: KellyAnne Conway Shuts Them The Hell Up!” [VIDEO]

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It’s NOT a surprise to many Americans that Hillary Clinton is NOT happy with the outcome of the presidential election. She rightfully feels SHE should have won and is willing to do whatever she can to get to the bottom of it…even if that means using Jill Stein to do it.

Donald Trump could care less. He’s busy moving forward with his transition team to assemble his administration and cabinet.  Needless to say, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway had a few words for Hillary and her pathetic supporters on Fox News. Check it out:


H/T Yes I’m Right:

Amen! This is NOT what America is all about! This IS collective INSANITY! It is REALLY time for these spoiled brats to move on!

Kellyanne Conway: “..we were always raised to respect the office of the presidency and it’s current occupant. and the flag…and all that it represents!”

Give Trump and Pence a chance! Americans have spoken and they voted to “Make America Great Again!” Grow up!

These crybabies and “precious snowflakes” need to get over it!  I think these college crybabies are worried about Trump creating jobs.  Maybe they’re worried they’d finally have no excuses; they’d have to get a real job and move out of your parents’ basements.



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