New Zealand Women and Newscasters Wear Hijabs in ‘Solidarity’ Following Violence and it happens to..

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The reaction to violence in New Zealand has been extreme and wide-spread, with even the female television anchors in New Zealand bowing to Sharia law and wearing hijabs now. This on the heels of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wearing a hijab when meeting with community members in Christchurch last weekend to reassure them the ruling class in NZ stands with them.

The Prime Minister then announced New Zealand would take over the airways to broadcast an Islamist call to prayer across the nation on TV and radio. New Zealand is one of America and Britain’s strongest allies in the War on Terror – but no such show of support has ever been show to Christians or people of the Jewish faith when violence or shootings directed at those religions routinely occur. What is the difference? It is believed to be a fear of retribution if the State and Media does not bow down.

Women in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other nations under Sharia law are oppressed and are forced to wear the Islamic head cover. What kind of message does this send?

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New Zealand not only told their women to wear hijabs following the mosque shooting, the Prime Minister also came out with sweeping gun control laws.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday a ban on all military-style semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

She got the stamp of approval from Democrat leaders.

Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders and others praised Jacinda Ardern’s “leadership” and said the US should follow New Zealand’s example. So these idiot women in New Zealand have decided to show solidarity with a religion that dehumanizes women and expects them to submit to men in every way….. A fiction writer couldn’t come up with a more bizarre plot…

That same day New Zealand women are being encouraged to wear the Islamic head covering on Friday in sympathy with Muslims in the wake of the mass shooting at two Christchurch mosques last Friday that killed 50 and wounded dozens.

The campaign was dubbed #HeadScarfForHarmony and encouraged non-Muslim women to wear hijabs. Gateway Pundit reports that Iranian woman are fighting against Iran’s dictatorship was furious over the #HeadScarfForHarmony campaign and expressed her anger over it in a tweet.

My guess is 90% would opt-out of this stone-age control if they could.

What is the danger? Copycat violence is always the fear of law enforcement, especially when so much attention is drawn to the actions of an obvious psychopath, seeking attention and death. When the Media gives them what they want, the next crazy person wants it too – and can easily see the best way to get it: Use violence against a religion, and the media will do the rest.

… Unless, it is the lives of Christians – then the sound of crickets is all you’ll hear from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, HUFFPO, The NYTIMES (Carlos PO), WAPO (Jeff Bezos PO), NBC, or any other mainstream outlet. Here is a stunning example:

Terrorists continued to descend on Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, killing more than 140 people in predominantly Christian localities since February while much of the world was focused on the isolated murder spree by a deranged shooter in New Zealand on March 15.

Scores are believed to have died Monday in Michika, a small town in Nigeria’s eastern Adamawa State, a predominantly Christian area. Fleeing residents told local media that the attack was unleashed by the extremist sect known as Boko Haram, which continues to wreak havoc in Nigeria.

Boko Haram has continued to raid Christians for several years despite Nigerian army efforts and the presence of foreign military advisers. Nigeria is the 12th worst country in the world for persecution of Christians, according to Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List.

Have you seen or read anything about this?

… crickets.

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