Went to ‘Highest Levels’ of Obama White House; President Trump Previews ‘Historic’ Inspector General Report

Official Washington is about to get rocked.

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Due to be released December 9th, the Inspector General Horowitz’ report has now been previewed by President Trump himself. Trump described the information contained in the investigation ‘historic’ and said that it goes to the highest levels of the Obama White House. “They were spying on my campaign and it went right to the top and everybody knows it and now we’re going to find out.”

The long awaited release of the Horowitz report began Thursday with a small sample; An FBI official is under criminal investigation for altering a document that led to the surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Sources told CNN the changes were significant enough to manipulate the document’s meaning.

Republicans have said from the beginning that the whole ‘Russian Probe’ was a coordinated attempt to remove Trump from office as an ‘insurance policy’ in case he won the election.

The President gave Fox and Friends an hour long interview where he spoke of the report.

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“What you’re going to see, I predict, will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country,” Trump said.

Trump stated that he was not personally involved with the investigation. He said that he had left it entirely up to Attorney General Bill Barr.

“He’s a great attorney general we would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally,” Trump said.

“I think it goes to the highest level, I hate to say it, I think it’s a disgrace, they thought I was going to win and they said, ‘How can we stop him,’” Trump declared.

The President also discussed how it would be “impossible” for former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice to do what they did without direct permission from Obama.

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It will not be long until we all see what was discovered. Lindsey Graham, who is the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, has announced that the report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be released on December 9 and Horowitz himself will testify about the report on December 11.

But that’s not all….

Lindsey Graham has officially begun requesting documents from the State Department concerning the Hunter Biden situation with his father, Joe Biden, and Burisma.

AT the same time, the Ukraine has just added money laundering, to the tune of almost $5 billion, to their criminal investigation of Burisma. The Ukrainian Parliament is demanding that the presidents of both countries investigate. the allegations include Templeton Investments, a high dollar and top donor of the Obama campaigns.

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Congress heads home for Thanksgiving this weekend and are expected to put together their report for completion in Early December.

Either it goes to the Senate, or not.

Either way, the Democrats will be on defense. The Republicans control the Senate and it will be a different drama than the House for obvious reasons.

It is beginning to look like it could be a very good year for President Trump and the Republicans. Maybe Moody’s wasn’t far off when their historically accurate election model predicted a big Electoral College win for 2020.




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