Hey Liberals! Look At What Happens When ILLEGAL VOTES Are Subtracted !

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No wonder Democrats are against required Voter Identification. Show this to all the liberals you can find!

Donald Trump’s victory was awesome! Have you wondered how massive it would have been if Hillary and the liberals had been unable to steal votes? Not saying they did – but a lot of folks have:

Townhall reports that it has been difficult to discern exactly what the anti-Trump protesters are protesting. The election is over. Donald Trump will be president after Jan. 20. Many thing the system was rigged and not just because mainstream media outlets like CNN and The New York Times were colluding with the Clinton Campaign during the entire Election Season.

Women were convinced to come out of the woodwork, in October, to accuse Trump of groping. For years, Democrats have opposed Voter Id Requirements, claiming that they are racist and that they will cause discrimination.

Wouldn’t it be easy to live in a world where the answer to every single problem is racism?. It certainly is the constant cry of liberals, whether logic warrants it or not.

In any event, the numbers are in and Trump’s historic victory is more gigantic than ever.


Trump crushed Hillary in the Electoral College, 306 to 232, which is also 57% to 43%.

Reportedly, Hillary won the popular vote by 2 million votes, though absentee ballots were not counted in states that ended in an early landslide for Trump.

Consider that, so far, 3 million illegal votes have been discovered. Given the racially-charged rhetoric the Clinton Campaign leveled against Trump due to his plans for a border wall, most agree that most of those 3 million votes went for Hillary.

It is likely that Trump won the popular vote by around 1 million.

Additionally, Trump won more than 30 states if the one Electoral Vote from Maine is included. That means 30.25 states to Hillary’s 19.75. Hillary did not even win 20 states!

Lastly, Trump won 84% of the 3,083 counties in the United States.

If you enjoy drama, do not fret, however. Liberals will continue to whine about unfairness and racism in the Election of 2016, even if their claims continue to be disproven.

h/t to the gateway pundit

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