Here Are The Consequences Of Crossing Trumps Red Line

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None of this would be happening if Obama had kept his promise, but now a coalition of French, British and American forces are surgically removing the chemical weapons plants built by Bashar al-Assad.

In a speech, Trump called the strike a “combined operation” with two allies in Europe, and Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed that three locations were targeted in a “carefully limited” yet heavy assault. Even though the Russians are angry that their operations in Syria are being interrupted, at least we might see an end to the nonsense that Putin had personally pulled strings to make sure that Donald Trump would get himself elected.

Last week after reports of a chemical weapons attack against citizens living just north of the city of Damascus, Israeli war planes flew over the water to bomb the military facility adjacent to the Basil al-Assad International Airport near the Mediterranean. The military facility is operated by Russians and is also a base for Lebanese Hezbollah as well as Syrian troops.

In general, “Syrian troops” is equal to “the Syrian government” which is under the control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who effectively inherited the office from his father Basil. For years, even after the supposed clearance of weapons, photos and videos from Syria show chemical attacks.

The action represents a promise kept by the American government, who under Barack Obama had agreed to remove the ability to produce chemical weapons from Syrian hands and to dispose of any remaining stockpiles. Famously Obama spoke about a “red line in the sand” saying that if Assad should cross the line, say by using or creating chemical weapons, then he will face swift action from the Americans. One of the weapons that was to be removed was sarin gas, which was developed for WW2 by the German side and was banned by the United Nations in 1993.

Last Night

According to a release from the Pentagon, last night military strikes from British, French and American troops, both sea and air, targeted a research center in the city of Damascus along with a chemical weapons storage area and command post west of Homs. Both Homs and Damascus are near the Lebanese border, and Damascus is near the Israeli border.

A graphic from the Pentagon showing the Strike action last night. The three flags are American, French and British.

So far, there have been no deaths reported and the Syrians are alleging that three civilians were hurt in the “one-time shot.”

The phrase ‘mission accomplished’ has been a bit tarnished in the last decade and a half after George Bush stood under a ‘mission accomplished’ banner on a naval vessel within weeks of setting out to bomb Iraq.

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James Mattis continued with comments:

“We did everything we could in our intelligence assessment and our planning to minimize to the maximum degree … any chance of civilian casualties. We specifically identified these targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved.”

At this time we are unaware whether the Russian forces were given a head’s up about the attack.

Obama’s Red Line in the Sand

In this video from August of 2012, Obama states that the use of chemical or biological agents or weapons in Syria by Bashar al-Assad would constitute crossing a “red line.” Later in 2013 Congress demanded more action, and in response the Syrians agreed to take on the Russians and Americans to supervise the removal and destruction of these weapons. Clearly, this didn’t happen the way we were told it did.

Former National Security Advisor to Barack Obama Susan Rice held her office from 2013 to 2017 and has been silent on the attacks. This week she was announced to be a new face on the board of directors for Netflix, but all of the focus is on her statements of strength in Syria in 2013 and from one tweet from 2014 stating that she and the Democratic Obama administration had removed the Syrians’ ability to create chemical weapons.

On the very bright side of all this, it’s now clear that Trump will uphold the promises kept by the previous men in his seat in the Oval office. Frankly, I think this is a good development because now the crazy guys running North Korea know that the Americans will indeed send missiles flying merrily through the air.

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail, ABC

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