Hate Crimes: Three Prominent Conservatives Attacked This Week For Their Political Beliefs

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In yet more incidents that prove it is getting very dicey out there if you are a vocal conservative, three prominent ones were all attacked this week. Infowars’ Owen Shroyer, #WalkAway Movement founder Brandon Straka, and Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles were all attacked yesterday for being conservative in public.

These are hate crimes and the media is shamefully silent on them. It’s political violence that is condoned and encouraged by the left, the media, Democrats, and their cohorts. All three of these individuals were attacked within hours of each other as if it were a coordinated attack. And that would not surprise me in the least.

Shroyer is the host of “War Room” on Infowars. He was the first to be attacked. While filming at a pro-abortion event in Texas, a drag queen appeared to hit him, raised his middle finger, and told Shroyer to “f*ck off.” Subtle these people are not.

“Hey weren’t you at the drag queen story hour?” Shroyer asked, seconds before this unhinged man in a dress and makeup appeared to hit him and attempt to swat the camera out of his hand. “Get that sh*t out of my face motherf*cker, f*ck off, get that camera out of here,” said the angry drag queen. Shroyer proceeded to inform the man that he just assaulted him on camera and continued to live stream the event. Good for him.

The attacks, unfortunately, did not end there. Just minutes later, Straka would upload a video to Twitter of a supposed model grabbing for his hat and hitting his head. The woman stormed up to the #WalkAway founder to ask about his Make America Great Again hat. Straka told her he was not wearing the MAGA hat to be ironic… that he meant it and that set her off. She labeled him “a racist” and declared that President Trump is a racist too.

At this point, Straka began videoing the confrontation on his cell phone just in time to have the woman appear to physically grab at his hat and face twice. He later discovered that the woman’s mother was recently ill and she had created a GoFundMe on her behalf. So, he did something the left does not do… Straka turned the other cheek and encouraged followers to show kindness to the angry woman. That’s more than she deserved in my opinion.

Later on Friday, The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was attacked while delivering a speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It was the most serious attack of the day. Right in the middle of Knowles’ speech, a masked protester/student used a super soaker to fire liquid at him that appeared to be glitter-colored bleach; police later said that the liquid merely smelled like bleach. Knowles’ speech was titled simply “Men Are Not Women.” This led to the protester being tackled by police and arrested. Thankfully, he was a lousy shot.

Leftists in the crowd stood up and screamed, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” at the police officers in reference to Ferguson’s Micheal Brown who DID NOT have his hands up when he was gunned down in 2014. Other protesters were also maced. They acted as if the police were the bad guys here.

Hecklers consistently interrupted Knowles and yelled at him, prompting Knowles to respond, “I know, you’re so oppressed, my dears. I know life is so hard for you. You have to live in the richest, most equitable, most just country in the history of the world. You have to get a college education; you have to voluntarily go to lectures; it’s so awful. I can’t imagine.”

As the protesters stood up and started exiting stage left, Knowles continued, “People who are in war-torn nations; they must truly pity you. Goodbye. Goodbye.” The crowd started clapping; Knowles said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for your support. I’m not that intimidated by these guys … There’s a course being taught right now at an American university on angry white men. When I look at who’s angry, I’m not so sure …” The hecklers started yelling again, prompting Knowles to reply, “I know. I seem so hateful. You guys seem lovely and sweet. You guys seem so compassionate and lovely.” Turning to one protester, he replied, “You hope that what? Well, it’s very difficult to use my platform when people use the hecklers veto to try to shut up any opinion that disagrees—” That’s when the soaker attack was carried out by UMKC student Gerard G. Dabu.

Knowles told The Daily Wire, “The topic of my lecture was ‘Men Are Not Women.’ Apparently, this plain fact was so offensive to some leftist thugs that one of them decided to shoot me in the face and side with a super soaker full of what appeared to be glitter-colored bleach. At first, I just thought it was paint because of the color and smell. I was later told it was bleach; police now say that the substance merely smelled like bleach. This is what conservatives on campus are up against. This is the kind of violence conservatives on campus stand to face if they state plain facts and refuse to kowtow to leftist fantasy.”

From Zero Hedge:

“In the aftermath at least one local left-leaning newspaper editorial board issued an op-ed which tried to soften the whole dangerous incident and even the attacker’s actions, saying “Knowles couldn’t wait to claim victimhood” and characterizing it as merely a “tiny tit for tiny tat,” implying the hosting organization Young Americans For Freedom was of equal blame for merely being conservative.

“Thus even when a conservative speaker is literally attacked with an unknown liquid substance by a masked vigilante, it’s actually the conservative’s fault! — at least in the absolutely warped world of far left Social Justice Warriors.”

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tweeted concerning the incident, “This kind of behavior is unacceptable & shouldn’t be tolerated — toy guns and fake chemicals or not, these actions put ppl at risk. All students deserve free speech protections & shouldn’t be persecuted for political beliefs. Appreciate local police for defusing the situation.”

Things are getting worse out there, not better for conservatives. To be a public conservative figure is to take your own life in your hands these days sadly. As Shroyer pointed out on Twitter, the right does not “have to Smollett,” as there are now plenty of real crimes committed against right-wingers daily. This could have been a lot worse. What if the liquid had been acid? Next time it could be as these attacks escalate.

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