Harvard-Educated Lynch Gets Owned by Congressman From Humble Background

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We all know, anyone tied to the Clintons for a long period of time has probably been involved in some dirty deeds. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is no different.

Neither Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or Loretta Lynch are above the law. But it really is one thing to hear about it and an entirely different matter to actually see it happen in front of you.

A video posted on YouTube makes the point – scroll down for video:

Sadly from what we have learned from the Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which on Thursday released 29 pages of FBI emails related to the 2016 tarmac meeting, the documents show officials were more concerned about the leak than the substance of the report. They didn’t care about whether or not Bill Clinton obstructed justice meeting with Loretta Lynch, or that Hillary actually broke the law.

In a July 16 exchange between Georgia Rep. Doug Collins and Lynch in the House Judiciary Committee, Collins tried to get Lynch to deliver a straight answer on a variety of questions, some of which could be answered definitively at absolutely no political cost to her.

She didn’t deliver one straight line.

Lynch, a Harvard Law graduate, was utterly embarrassed by Collins, who graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, according to his website. There’s nothing wrong with Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, but which of those two schools had you heard of before now?

Some of the questions and topics were politically charged — Collins brought up Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton, for example — and although it’s unacceptable for her to dodge and evade, at least it’s understandable.

It’s when Collins brings up traffic law that things start to get weird.

“I got a question for you,” Collins said.

“Riding down the road speed limit says ’55,’ I’m doing ’65,’ have I broke the law?”

Now, that’s a softball. It almost sounds like a question MSNBC would lob to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to make her feel better about losing the election.

Lynch’s response was baffling.

“You would have to ask the highway patrol, they would likely write you a ticket,” she said.

It’s as if the words “yes” and “no” were just erased from her mind. Of course, those in the room erupted in laughter.

Are you kidding me? Of course, she’s speeding and breaking the law!!!! What’s wrong with the AG Lynch? Has she been around Clinton so long that she seriously does not know how to answer a direct question with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer any more?

What else is there to say? The attorney general of the Untied States just failed Drivers’ Ed.

It’s sad, but it’s in perfect keeping with Democrat politicking doctrine: If you don’t give people a solid answer, there’s no solid answer to be used against you later.

What happened to ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God’? Has our former AG Lynch been that long in politics, or again just too involved in covering up the crimes of Hillary Clinton she doesn’t know how to give a straight answer without implicating herself? Next thing you know, she’ll be trying to tell a prosecutor that she did ‘not have a meeting on the tarmac with that man’. Oh, never mind that was Clinton who said, ‘I did not have a relationship with that woman’. That’s right! ….and Hillary Clinton denied THAT too until the truth came out! That was one slick Willy, let me tell you….but ‘what difference does it make’?

There is no doubt Attorney General Lynch met in June 2016 on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona with Bill Clinton. There is no doubt that what Bill Clinton said to AG Lynch had to do with former FBI Director James Comey later announcement of Hillary Clinton not facing charges for her private email, even though it was admitted that she violated the law.

What’s really sad is, our own FBI conveniently hid or should I say ‘misplaced’ the documents on that tarmac meeting. Yeah, originally the Obama administration said that silly meeting was just to talk about golf and grandchildren, even though we know different. I mean come on. The man specifically made sure his plane was held on the tarmac until hers arrived and he didn’t leave until he after he had met with her specifically in person. Come on! Seriously?

You still believe that conversation between Lynch and Bill Clinton was about golf and grandchildren? Has your head been buried in a pile of sand on a beach or have you just been enjoying too much weed! Get real!

Thanks to a number of responsible journalists and watchdog groups who filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Justice Department and the FBI to obtain any and all documents related to the tarmac meeting, we are all starting to see the light on the subject.

Of course, first the FBI said there were no documents related to the tarmac meeting, but then…what do you know? Lo and Behold, the FBI suddenly ‘discovered’ 30 pages of documents related to the meeting between Bill and Loretta. Do you seriously think they JUST talked about grandchildren and golf? For 30 pages? I don’t think so!

Even though some of these documents were just turned over to Judicial Watch a couple days ago, some of these documents will not become available until 2018. Amazing isn’t it?

We all know Clinton received preferential treatment by the FBI and former Director James Comey. And the stupid immunity agreements of Hillary’s staff…don’t even get me started. What a waste!

Either the Clintons have some dirt on Jeff Sessions, or he’s involved in the dirt to being with and needs to be replaced. It’s time to investigate Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, and all the pay-to-play scandals involved. Enough already! If Sessions is not going to do it, then President Trump needs to get someone who will!




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