Guy Heard Weird Noises at Night; He Put Up a Hidden Camera. What It Recorded…Freaky!

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Joe Cummings had a strong suspicion that his girlfriend was stealing his food but she denied it when he asked her. Maybe she was just embarrassed about it.

She could have been a total closet eater. In an attempt to catch her red handed he set up a camera; the footage he captured had him so shocked he MOVED OUT!!


“So I kept on finding food missing in my apartment that I knew I wasn’t eating,” he said in a video uploaded to YouTube. “I confronted my girlfriend… about it, and she claimed she wasn’t eating it.”
Apparently unconvinced by this, Cummings said that he decided to take extreme measures. He said that secretly, he set up a video camera with the intention of proving that his girlfriend was responsible for the missing food.
He found a corner of the kitchen that offered a good view of the surroundings, installed the camera and left it running as he left the room. But later, when he settled down to watch the footage, he said that he couldn’t believe his eyes.
Reportedly just two hours after Cummings could be seen leaving the kitchen, something unbelievable plays out in the video. Slowly, from the corner of the screen, the figure of a woman begins to climb down from a storage space above the room.
The video shows her legs swing down and attempt to find a foothold on a dresser located by the kitchen door. Then, her whole figure emerges, crouching on top of the dresser. Perhaps Cummings was right all along – his girlfriend had been taking the food…


But there was one big problem with this scenario – according to Cummings, the woman in the video was not actually his girlfriend. Terrifyingly, it was someone he had never seen before, he said.
After that, things just get stranger in the video. The mystery woman pulls out a stool and uses it to climb down from her perch.

Once at ground level, she sets about completing all manner of bizarre tasks. Horrifyingly, she appears to urinate in his sink.
After that, the video shows her opening the refrigerator and helping herself to the contents, swigging directly from the cartons inside. Gross – but at least Cummings now knew why his groceries had been disappearing.
The footage then shows the strange woman opening the pantry and rummaging inside. Despite the door making a loud crack as she opens it, she seems undeterred and makes off with handfuls of looted food.
Suddenly, the woman seems to panic. It appears as if she can hear noises coming from the rest of the house, and moments before Cummings enters the kitchen, she can be seen darting off to a hiding place just off-screen.
Seemingly oblivious to all of the drama, Cummings makes himself a drink before heading back to bed. Once he is out of the way, the woman emerges and goes straight back to her scavenging ways. Finally, she climbs back on the stool and retreats into the crawl space above the room.


Cummings was very disturbed to find out it wasn’t his girlfriend, that instead it was a creepy nighttime visitor feasting out of his fridge and pantry. She looked like something out of the grudge! I would have run out of that place and never come back.

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