Guns, Video Games, Entertainment, and the American Family

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Please help 2Inevitably after every recent gun-related massacre (not “shooting,” let’s call it what it really is) by someone under the age of 30, the media focuses on the killer’s gun(s) they used, what video games they played, the entertainment they watched, and their family life. So do any of these contribute to the development of a deranged murderer? Although I don’t have the time go into all of these in depth, I will briefly focus on each of them.

A gun is an inanimate object. It cannot do anything on its own. If you leave a gun locked and loaded in a safe and come back 50 years later, it will miraculously still be loaded! Saying that a gun is only designed for one purpose (to kill) is a flawed argument. 50 years ago we had more guns in the US than people and murders were not as common as they have become since the early 1990s. Estimates today have guns owned in the US at over 250,000,000 and our population at 300,000,000+ and growing. How can this be, since guns only kill? With liberal logic the population in the US should be zero in less than two years.

Video Games
On a recent episode of The Blaze TV, Glenn Beck interviewed Dave Grossman (retired Lt. Colonel,  Army Ranger, and retired West Point Psychology professor). He is the nation’s #1 resource on killing. He made a very frightening revelation. He said that children that play video games with violence in them see killing as a matter of points with no consequences. They become desensitized to killing, not only others, but also themselves. However, he says that children that play games like Airsoft ™, or paintball actually learn valuable lessons. It hurts to get shot. Too many parents let their 13 year old play games rated “Mature,” which on some games today is about the same as plopping your kids in front of the TV to watch porn while people get their heads hacked off.

It is true that one can see a big difference in the types of TV, music, and movies of 50 years ago and today. However, I believe our entertainment is a reflection of our society. That should make anyone cry.

The American Family
What is ironic (or maybe not) is many of these young adult mass-murders come from very well-to-do families and only a few come from single-family homes. Although the media only focuses their attention on mass-murderers, every life is precious and we should not discount the individual murders that happen in the US by people of all ages. Murderers come from all walks of life and levels of income. However, the vast majority of murders do occur in poorer areas of the US (in cities with over 250,000 residents) where there is less Hope and things never seem to Change. Government funded programs with good intentions that were started in the 1960s have aided in the  destruction of the two-parent home. As Chris Rock recently said, we should think of President Obama as our dad and Michelle Obama as our mom. Sadly, I think many Americans do view the government as their parents.

So what’s the conclusion? Mr. Ags is old-school and thinks that you solve problems from a micro level, not macro. Take the plank out of your own eye and then take the plank out of your brothers (societies). Responsibility/morality starts in the home, not a bill signed by our elected public servants.

We have too many children raised by single parents who neglect them, or cannot properly raise them since they themselves were raised under less than ideal circumstances. The US government should not be your Baby Daddy. We also have children raised by both parents, where the parents work so much that they neglect their children and let video games, music, movies, and their friends raise them. Both parents work for many reasons, but it really comes down to two things 1.) working fulfills them/defines them and 2.) they both need to work to be able to live the American dream so that they can give their families everything their hearts desire (or because they are in so much debt in pursuit of the American dream). Things = happiness, right? It is almost as if these parents feel guilty for not being there for their children, so they throw “things” at them to make up for it. However, what a child really needs is a parent to teach them and to discipline (the root of the word being “disciple”) them. I am not suggesting that if you are a single-parent or both parents work that your child will become a mass-murder. However, you must look honestly at yourself and see who is really raising your child, you, or society.

With guns, teach your children to respect them and that they are not tools to be used to harm those who do not deserve it, or to live out some sort of deranged fantasy. With entertainment, stop feeding the beast and it will die. The media would not push dark and destructive forms of entertainment on us if we didn’t buy it. I’m reminded of a Christian hotel owner who was questioned by another Christian as to why he offered pay-per-view porn for his hotel guests. His response, “There is a Christian organization that comes down here twice a year and rents out the entire hotel. They purchase more pay-per-view porn movies in those two weeks than all my other guests combined.”

We are a hypocritical society that has surrendered our freedoms because of our own selfish desires and ambitions. We are turning over the raising and safety of our children to the legislature. Many of us have lost sight of what is important in this life and are living as if this life is all there is. To be fair, there are some who are just evil in this world, not matter how good their family trained and loved them. That’s why we have the death penalty and I carry a .45.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: [email protected]

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  1. jstarusa says

    I agree. I always thought that the government took to much for granted as to the raising of our children. First we are not allowed to discipline them in a way to get their attention. Giving them a “Time Out” with their games and such in front of them is not going to work. I’m not saying to beat and abuse your child, but discipline them and explain “why”. Take the time to raise your children, after all it was you that decided to have them.

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