Guns, as American as Baseball and Apple Pie.

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Todds Baseball

Not in Bedford, Michigan apparently.  It all started when Todd Bruning (owner of Todd’s Guns in Lambertville, Michigan) decide to sponsor his two son’s baseball team, the Cubs (an age 6-8 team in the 3B Baseball league in southern Michigan).  When the kids received their team jerseys last week, in tiny print under “CUBS” were the words that I can barley bring myself to type, “Todd’s Guns.”  How dare a business owner step up to the plate (so to speak) and sponsor his two son’s baseball team when no one else would.

Now, I’ve known Todd since he opened his gun shop three years ago.  He’s one of the good guys.  He’s a volunteer firefighter and has sponsored everything from Honor Flight to local community events/organizations.  The coach and a few parents didn’t like their kids wearing shirts that promoted guns, stating that with Sandy Hook this was not an age-appropriate sponsorship.  When did we as Americans become such a bunch of gigantic pansies?  Should I be offended if Bob’s Hardware sponsored my kid’s baseball team and I knew someone who fell to their death on a ladder?  What if a fireworks store sponsored a kid’s baseball team?  A fireworks store allegedly supplied the Boston Bombers with fireworks that they used to get gun powder from to make their bombs, so should we ban them as well from being sponsors?

I want you to show our fellow Americans that we stand with Todd and all the other business owners who make it possible for our kids to be able to participate in sports and for non-profits to be able to do the great work that they do.  These are the individuals that help to make America great.  Please contact Todd’s Guns and buy a gun, a shirt, or anything:


Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire & [email protected]

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  1. Alan Simmons says

    It is a shame what the liberal mind – that supposedly stands for the liberation and freedom for all – continues to demonize others that do not wish to conform to their standards. This is hardly the America I remember as a child.

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