Gun Review (Kel-Tec’s SUB-2000 9mm)

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I’ve been wanting to test some of Kel-Tec’s weapons for quite some time, but so has everyone else.  Finally the folks from Kel-Tec sent me their Sub-2000 (Glock 17, 9mm, magazine version, $500 msrp) to test.

If you aren’t familiar with the SUB-2000, it is a folding rifle that uses several popular handgun magazines. Sub-2000

By “folding” I don’t mean it has a folding stock.

Once you push down on the trigger guard, the gun breaks at the chamber and takes a 30.5” rifle (with a 16.25” barrel) and folds the entire gun down to 19” long.

It can easily be tossed in a backpack for a camping trip.

The SUB-2000 I tested was the Gen 2 version that includes the upgrade of an adjustable stock and M-Lok rail mounting.  So what did I think of the SUB-2000?

This was really a lot of fun to shoot.  I first loaded up a 17 round mag and set my target at 30 feet at the indoor range.  As I pulled the trigger as fast as I could, I watched to paper silhouette melt as all the rounds held in a tight little group.  The recoil is non-existent.  It almost felt like shooting paintball more than a rifle.  This would be very easy for a man, woman, or child to shoot.

This model is also set up with a threaded barrel, so you could rock a can (silencer) if you so desired.  I only expected to put a few hundred rounds through this during my test, but I enjoyed it so much that I ended up shooting over 1,000 rounds through it.  It handled all ammo I fed it.  The Magpul mag supplied with the gun had some issues loading the Wolf steel-case 9mm I used, but that’s not uncommon with Wolf.

I’ve found over the years that alternating brass cased and Wolf steel-cased in a mag allows the steel to move a little easier being nestled between the brass casings.  By loading all steel they have a tendency to stick against each other, especially if they have been stored a long time.  I experienced zero malfunctions, or jams.

What would I change/do to upgrade this gun?  The tip of the trigger was very sharp.  I spoke with Kel-Tec and they informed me this has been fixed on newer models.  I have also never been a fan of tall front sights (like the AK).  I suggested to Kel-Tec to possibly looking at utilizing a front sight that would fold down directly into the top rail.

Lastly, I’d Include a rubber pad on the butt stock vs the plastic.  This would allow the stock to grip different types of clothing better.  With the way the sights are so high, one tends to have less of the stock on their shoulder, so maintaining positioning on your shoulder during firing is critical.  If I had a wish Kel-Tec would grant it would be to see the SUB-2000 built to use the Glock 45 ACP/10mm mags.  That added firepower would aid in making this more versatile as a wilderness/back up guide gun, or even for home defense.

Bottom-line, I love this little gun and it will be tough to send it back.


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