Gun Review: Century Arms 100% US Made AK (RAS47)

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72L_RI2250-N RAS47

A year and a half ago I tested the 100% made in the USA Century International Arms C39.  For years prior to this Century, and other US AK manufacturers, had imported pieces of AKs and reassembled them using enough US made components to become 922r compliant.  Although they looked like the old-school Russian AKs their internals were not as durable as their ancestor.  Then Century decided to step it up a notch and build an AK where every part was 100% made in the USA.  The result was the C39, which was released a few years ago.  After testing the C39 I made the suggestion of changing the phosphate-type coating they had on the barrel to nitride.  Nitride is a heat treating process that penetrates the metal, both inside and outside.  This creates a coating that makes it unnecessary to chrome line a barrel or spray on a rust inhibitor on the outside of the barrel or on external metal parts.  Century took my suggestions (which had also been made by others) and added a few of their own and introduced the revamped RAS47.

The RAS47 has all of the metal components nitrided and they went one step further by upgrading the trigger system to their proprietary (RAK-1) enhanced trigger group.  As I had mentioned above, firearm’s manufacturers who wanted to sell a legal AK in the US were required to replace certain foreign made components with ones made in the US.  Among the parts, they would use TAPCO trigger groups.  These trigger groups are functional, but not made to handle multiple thousands of rounds.  The new RAK-1 trigger group has gone 17,000+ rounds and is still ticking.  That’s the kind of reliability you want in a firearm, especially if your life depends on it.  The kicker is you can buy these guns, brand new, for around $699.  It goes without saying that in my live fire testing of the RAS47 that it was flawless.  I shot over 500 rounds through it and had zero malfunctions.  There is nothing I’d change about this gun.  However, with Magpul and others now making furniture for the AK, you can upgrade this any way you see fit.  For the money, you should buy two.  You won’t be disappointed.  Century has made an iconic firearm even better and made in the USA.


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