Grandma Goes After Speeders On Her Street With A Hair Dryer

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Montana Grandma Patti Baumgartner got sick and tired of drivers speeding up and down the road, endangering her grandchildren, so she took matters into her own hand! She grabbed her drink and her hair dryer, and sat herself in front of the house. She faked out drivers coming down the road, who assumed the hair dryer in her hand pointed at them was a radar gun!

Some people wait for others to deal with a situation and some just get creative and take action! Kudos to grandma!

When Highway Patrol Trooper Noah Pesola was made aware of Grandma Patti’s creative way to keep kids safe, he deemed her an honorary Trooper for her efforts.

“I was able to find Ms. Patti. She was made an honorary Trooper with a campaign hat and sticker badge for her work to keep her grandkids safe. #SlowDown #KidsCrossing #KeepOurKidsSafe”

Fox 29 reports:

POLSON, Mont. – A Montana grandmother worried about her grandchildren playing near a road where cars often zoomed by, so she got creative in an effort to get people to slow down.

In mid-August, Patti Forest Baumgartner took out a comfortable chair and sat along Finley Point in Polson. She then held a hair dryer, pointing it at cars in the hope that speeding motorists would assume it was a radar gun.

Her son, Tim Baumgartner, took a photo of her sitting along the road, hair dryer in one hand and a red cup of her favorite beverage in another.

While it’s unclear if Patti’s efforts caused anyone to slow down, it certainly caught people’s attention.

Her son shared the photos he took on Twitter, tagging Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Noah Pesola.

It surprised me that in comments many derided Grandma for taking such initiative:

“We all know people are stupid, and while I (kinda) commend her for taking action….but even if you somehow bought the hairdryer as a radar, who would fall for an old lady in a lawn chair on the side of the road as working for the police?

Crazy old people get put in nursing homes for less than that.” said one Redit user.

“Title should read “Boomer with nothing better to do, sits in driveway with hair dryer.””, said another.

“She’s using imaginary technology. Imaginary radar gun, imaginary police cruiser..oh wait, maybe she’s a bike cop. Can’t really tell since she’s just sitting on a chair. I’m sure there’s a unicorn, a Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich and her imaginary grand-kids playing too.” said one more.

But most responds were positive.

“At our subway stations, they put cardboard cutouts of police officers where bikes are stored. I see the same in self storage units. The prompt itself (sitting with the “gun”) can be enough to trigger an emotional response or thought. Like they know she is not a cop, but the act may trigger drivers to consider that law enforcement could be watching. Not only that but clearly she cares enough to put herself out there and try to do something. Good on you lady!”

We have a lot of discourse about issues that cause danger in this country, from the 2nd Amendment to narcotics abuse. But there is nothing we do that is anymore dangerous than use cars.

So many people do not consider the ramifications they can create behind the wheel. It is why I have no patience or grace for drunk drivers.

Always be cautious behind the wheel of an automobile. You can kill someone, or in the least, disable someone for the rest of their lives.

Tell yourself when you turn on your key: “I could kill someone with this machine!”

Be careful! Stay alert! Watch what you are doing!

Granny might just clock you!

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