Graduation Picture Becomes Newsworthy?

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Brenna Spencer’s graduation photos had angry left wing social media users contacting her local police demanding action.

In a graduation photo posted to social media, Miss Spencer pulls up a “Women for Trump” t-shirt to show off the handgun tucked into her white jeans.

Brenna Spencer

Brenna, 22, has recently graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is involved with the conservative organization Turning Point USA. She now lives in Nashville.

According to her website, Brenna studied broadcast journalism with a minor in political science.

Brenna’s Tweet

Brenna posted the photo to both her Instagram account and her Twitter profile. Right now, it has almost 10,000 retweets and 74,000 likes, and has sparked off over 9,600 comments in support and outrage. This photo was taken outside of a museum in Tennessee.

Speaking with local media after the tweet went viral, Brenna said that she wanted to take a picture that showed “show [she is] as a person.”

Backlash and Support

Of course, no attractive conservative women gets to have fun (or her own opinion) without being attacked by lefties who insulted her and tagged in the local police asking them to investigate her for allegedly breaking the laws.

Brenna said that she was “surprising” to see the “amount of hate” that was handed to her over the photograph.

Another person tried to pin her on carrying at the museum, but since she was not carrying inside the building, she is fine.

Here are a few more tweets, one of which talks about the safety of carrying in her jeans but Brenna confirmed that she has a hidden belly band.

One tweet by an account that blocks many conservatives online wrote:

“You realize employers will see this right? Hope you enjoy living with Mom and Dad.”

To which it was answered that she actually works in a conservative political group. Oops.

Open Carry In Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, residents are allowed to apply for and carry permits that allow for both the concealed and open carry of handguns, but not of loaded long guns. However, being an extremely free state, you may carr a loaded handgun or loaded long gun in your car without a permit as an extension of the “castle doctrine” that allows you to defend yourself.

Guns And Grad

For years now it’s been a tradition to see graduation photos featuring guns. Sometimes it’s the girls themselves holding their weapons, but the funniest photos are the ones with dads brandishing firepower while his daughter’s prom date drops off the corsage. Here are a few of our favorites.

Can’t blame the guys — what better what to ensure your daughter will be home by 11?


Social Worker With Concealed Carry Fired

Last month, the girly-girl Storm Durham of Virginia was fired from her job with the Roanoke City Department of Social Services for having a concealed carry permit. She has not brought any weapon to her house calls and has not brought her weapon to work, but the simple fact that she owns a permit — and fills her social media accounts with pinky, girly things along with guns and fishing trophies — was enough for her to be dismissed.

In an online post, she said that the Department ought to be ashamed for taking what they saw on social media and holding it against her at work, where she has never had a problem and has a clean criminal record. She called herself an “innocent, clean record, white, female, college graduate who works for a living [and was fired] for legally having, and owning a gun.”

Tennessee, Home Of The World’s Largest Tree House

Located an hour and a half north of Chattanooga, the Minister’s Tree House was started in the early 1990s by Horace Burgess who build his massive structure — including a chapel — around one tree that is still alive and growing. The building is almost 100′ high and has attracted thousands of visitors until it was shut down to outsiders by the authorities at the Fire Department. People still sneak into the property to take photos, but the sign outside warns that there shall be no “vandalism, sex, drugs or alcohol” on the premises. While most visitors seem respectful enough, some even leaving pro-Christian graffiti, others are a bit less respectful of the mission.

Sources: Instagram, Fox News, USA Today

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