Government Mistakenly Leaks Mind-Control Weapons

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After filing an information request, a news organization accidentally received a few strange extras documenting governmental mind control operations.

A journalist named Curtis Waltman was looking for information on white supremacist groups and Antifa in relation to a piece he was working on involving federal Washington state law enforcement. Along with the documents accessed through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Waltman seemingly was also given a file titled “EM effects on human”

Part of Freedom of Information Request

Waltman received the zipped file along with the relevant information he had originally requested about federal and state agencies. When he opened the file on EM (electromagnetic) effects, he ended up with some documents printed here showing some bizarre science experiments. It didn’t take long to realize that the documents had been connected to the NSA for decades.

The Documents

This is one of the documents including in the zipped folder. The dense text appears to point out the effect of the ‘psycho-electronic weapons’ on different parts of the body, as well as general effects. Reading through them, they don’t sound like the kind of hand-out you’d get from your doctor.

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Some of the effects include:

  • Microwave hearing
  • Forced “caffeine field”
  • Microwave burns
  • Forced orgasm
  • Wild flailing
  • Transparent eyelids

Then, the paper shows effects on “involuntary test subjects:”

    • Frequent break-and-enters at home and work with clothing and furniture, business papers, computer files sabotaged modified or stolen


Here’s another document dealing with “remote mind control” and “remote brain mapping.” If you look closely, you can see that it hits all the marks of conspiracy, with black helicopters and “psychotronic weapons.”

So who are these “involuntary test subjects?”

What is Electronic Harassment?

The documents seem to be related to the conspiracy theory of ‘electronic harassment’ that insists that shadowy government officials have practiced using electromagnetic radiation and similar processes to send thoughts and sounds directly into the heads of “involuntary subjects” with the intention of harassment or torture. The people who have claimed ‘electronic harassment’ also say that they are ‘gang stalked’ by large numbers of a people who follow them. Most medical diagnoses point to psychosis and hallucinations, saying that the idea of electronic harassment is on the same level of alien abductions.

I don’t think we covered this in school.

People who believe they are being electronically harassed have caused mass shooting crimes. In 2016, Jason Dalton blamed his Uber app for a shooting spree that ended with six dead, and Gavin Long killed three cops in Louisiana after joining a group for people who believe themselves to be harassed.

Source of Some Images: 1992 Lawsuit

The first print-out that we included here — the one that warns about “forced orgasms” and “transparent eyelids” — was traced back to a magazine printed in 1996 that reprinted the text of a lawsuit from 1992 filed against the NSA by John St Clair Akwei, civil action number 92-0449.

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The description of the lawsuit is that is was “filed against the U.S. National Security Agency reveals a frightening array of technologies and programs designed to keep tabs on individuals.” Nexus magazine, which printed the suit, noted that they tried to contact the author who “firmly but kindly” told him to not talk about the case over the phone.

Among the allegations in the suit:

  • “NSA technology is developed and implemented in secret from private corporations, academia and the general public.”
  • “NSA [Domestic Intelligence] has the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health.”
  • “The NSA keeps track of all PCs and other computers sold in the US.”
  • “The NSA has kits for running lines into residential tap water and air ducts of subjects for the delivery of drugs (such as sleeping gas or brainwashing-aiding drugs).”

The suit also deals with allegations of networks of “gang stalkers” and that the NSA is using their EM technology both on unknowing test subjects (who are in contact with the person filing the suit) and with their own agents.

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So far, there have been no responses explaining why a FOIA request about federal tracking of racist thugs came attached with documents from a lawsuit from the 1990s.

Sources: Popular Mechanics, Nexus Magazine

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