The GOP Is Winning Big, Thanks To These New Developments!

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Over the past few months and as recently as this past week, the White House and Republicans seem to have been receiving some hard hits. The GOP healthcare bill got pulled twice and failed to be voted on and has thus been placed on the back burner. Both of the President’s executive orders on immigration were temporarily halted. But developments on several fronts have kept the GOP on top and winning.

Some of these new developments that have given the party some momentum include,

  1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracking down on sanctuary cities and threatening to defund them with federal grants. In response, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California defended their sanctuary city policies.
  2. President Trump signing an environmental executive order that rolls back Obama era climate change regulations.
  3. The President called for federal officials to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. An artful response to allegations his administration is tied with Russia. The best offense is the best defense as they say.
  4. Ford announced they will be building three new factories in Michigan. Something they are rumored to have done after the President intervened to negotiate. A strong indicator of a growing economy under the new administration.
  5. Mo Brooks of Alabama released a one page replacement for the Affordable Care Act that seeks to roll back excessive healthcare legislation with a less burdensome bill.
  6. Well known Trump denouncer Senator Chuck Schumer went on an embarrassing tirade against a Trump supporter at a Manhattan restaurant. He also called for Paul Ryan to replace Rep. Devin Nunes as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. There is nothing better than watching a liberal fool make a fool of themselves.

Despite some missteps the GOP and the White House are moving forward in a productive way. They may have had a few rough patches, but so does every new administration. Every setback is a set up for a future victory. If these small victories are any indication of the bigger victories to come America will be doing very well.

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