GOP Intelligence Committee Members Alarmed Over How Dems Are Secretly Conducting The Impeachment Process

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Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee are sounding the alarm over how secretly Democrats have been conducting the impeachment process of President Trump. It fits the definition of a coup very nicely. Nancy Pelosi refuses to hold a vote on impeachment, then subpoenas witnesses against Trump. Never mind that these subpoenas are actually nothing more than written demands as the impeachment vote has never taken place… those targeted are being threatened with jail if they don’t show. Many are refusing as they should.

President Trump is being denied due process in the extreme here. He cannot confront his accusers or hear testimony against him. He cannot produce witnesses in his favor or query those making claims against him. Republicans (even those on the Intelligence Committee) are being blocked from the hearings. This is unconstitutional and screams of despotism. No wonder the Republicans are alarmed over this… they should be and so should America in general.

“This has been a closed-door, unfair, and unprecedented process. Tens of millions of Americans should know that their member of Congress has had no access to any of the transcripts. In fact, no member has been able to read every transcript,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told reporters during the weekly GOP press conference. This simply should not be tolerated or allowed.

From The Daily Wire:

“Stefanik, a two-term member of the Intelligence Committee, revealed that to date, Democrats have only made the testimony from two witnesses even available to committee members — that of U.S. special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Even then, Democrats have severely restricted the availability of transcripts.

“We were notified this week at our staff level that they would only be printing one transcript for every single member, whether you’re on the committee or not, and you would have to read it with a member of Democratic staff,” Stefanik explained. “That is unprecedented and unfair.”

“The New York congresswoman further questioned how Democrats are able to voice their support for the impeachment proceedings when they do not even have access to the evidence.

“Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), who also serves on the Intelligence Committee, echoed Stefanik’s alarm on House Democrats’ secrecy, which he referred to as [an] abusive process.

“It is absolutely essential that to preserve Democracy that we have an impeachment process that is open and transparent, where the American people can see what is occurring,” Turner said. “And here today, we have an impeachment process that’s occurring in secret without any real action that is even happening from the House.”

“The House has not taken action to open an impeachment process, nor has any committee, nor has the House taken a vote for the process to be undertaken in secret,” he continued. “We have an unbelievable abusive process that is occurring.”

“The Ohio lawmaker put forth that the proceedings have been detrimental to the American people, who are not only left in the dark on what is occurring but who are also receiving false information from the news media that even members of Congress are not legally able to correct.

“In addition to it being secret where the American public does not have the ability to watch the witnesses or those who are questioning them, each member, in the manner in which they have structured this, is restrained who does have access to the information, from telling anyone anything that’s happening behind closed doors,” Turner explained.

“I am prevented from going to my constituency in Ohio and telling them what’s happening behind closed doors in the Intelligence Committee, of which I am a member,” he continued. “As the media reports news leaks of what has occurred, many of which are absolutely inaccurate and false, members of Congress have no ability to stand in front of you and give you the correct information so that you can report it.”

“Turner also noted that since even Congress has been denied the ability to review the documents, the overwhelming majority of lawmakers who are either advocating for or against impeachment have not seen the evidence that has enabled them to knowledgeably come to that conclusion.”

From House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy:

“Think about it for a moment. A Democrat-controlled House’s Speaker set forth a process in dealing with President Nixon. A Republican Speaker set forth a fair process dealing with President Clinton,” McCarthy said.

“Now we even change the rules in the Intel Committee that you can’t even read the transcript if you’re on the committee unless the big hand of the majority party is there to witness you,” he added.

McCarthy then said: “Never has anyone been treated that way, let known not to have due process, not have — President Clinton’s case, his attorneys were there to be able to cross-examine, they were able to put a witness list together.”

“Both sides had subpoena power. None of that is available today. So how can you even trust them and why would you even go forward,” McCarthy concluded.

Indeed, you can’t trust the Democrats here and this is not the way we conduct politics in this country. This faux impeachment nonsense should be halted immediately. All of this will cause even those that doubt Trump to stand with him in the end. Americans simply won’t stand for this leftist form of fascism. This is not an impeachment process, it is a coup.

Sources: The Daily Wire, The Federalist Papers, Politico

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