Why Does Goodell Say He Can Dishonor Vets?

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell just double downed on the wrong message when it comes to veterans. And you wonder why the NFL is failing? Come on man!

When the NFL announced it would not accept an advertisement from the veterans group AMVETS for the Super Bowl there was an uproar. But the biggest outrage came because of the reason. …The NFL has already done enough to honor veterans this year.


The AMVETS had previously submitted the ad with the words “Please Stand,” but the NFL rejected it, citing a policy that prevents the league from using the program for political material.

What a farce!

It’s amazing how asking people to stand during the national anthem is now considered “political.”

Give me a frickin’ break!

Additionally, Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, told the Daily Caller last week,

“The Super Bowl game program is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl. It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”

You have got to be kidding, right?

So I guess all those anthme protesters that kneeled during the last two seasons….that wasn’t political?

But, suddenly vets telling the NFL players to stand is?  Talk about hypocrisy!

Since when is the NFL OK with its players making political statements all year long with their kneeling protests during the national anthem, but NOT ok with organizations that support veterans, like AMVETS buying space in the Super Bowl?

But now, Goodell has to go even further. Not only has Goodell defended the AMVETS ad being rejected for the game’s program, he’s now saying that the league has already done enough for vets.

Seriously?! Since WHEN???!

In fact, after being questioned about rejecting the vets’ ad, according to NBC’s ProFootballTalk, Goodell told reporters,

“It’s not an indication of any lack of support.”

Oh, yeah! RIGHT!

Goodell went on to say,

“We have a VFW ad that talks about, celebrates the important work that our veterans are doing, and of course you all know we’re going to have 15 Medal of Honor winners that we’re bringing together at the Super Bowl, which I think is the largest number of Medal of Honor winners ever brought together at any event other than their annual national gathering.”

So, I guess that’s all our vets deserve according to Goodell.

But here’s one more kicker. Apparently Goodell thinks that this is enough for vets, but recently told reporters that the league is “just getting started” to get behind “social” causes.

Sorry, Commissioner ‘No Good’ Goodell, but your pathetic attempts to “honor” our vets aren’t enough. And when you double down on allowing the protests to continue, but reject veterans ads, you are just supporting pathetic whining, overpaid players over real heroes.

Oh, that’s right, because the NFL and Commissioner ‘No Good’ Goodell set aside money for “social issues”.

To the tune of $89million. That’s RIGHT!

In response to players’ continued protests, the NFL has proposed committing $89 million over seven years to social justice causes considered important to the African-American community.

It is an unprecedented move by a major pro sports league.

ESPN reports that the league and a group of players agreed to the plan in principle during a conference call back around Thanksgiving of  2017. The league’s money will go to support causes such as law enforcement/community relations, education, and criminal justice reform.

It is the league’s largest contribution to any social issue.

One of the most interesting aspects of the deal is that nowhere in the agreement are the players called to end their on-field protests that include kneeling or not taking the field during the national anthem.

I guess Commissioner ‘No Good’ Goodell mus think that by addressing the issues in this manner, the players will no longer feel the need to protest.


The money will start with $5 million this year, growing to $12 million a year for 2021, 2022, and 2023. On the local level, owners will put $250,000 aside with layers expected to match, totaling $500,000 per team. There will also be other fundraising opportunities like auctioning game-worn gear and telethons.

So the NFL doesn’t mind supporting social issues with $89 million, but they are NOT going to be political and they are NOT going to allow AMVETS their ad that supports our military and veterans with the words…’Please Stand’.

How Pathetic is THAT! Screw you Goodell!

For all those patriots out there who unlike the NFL, support our military and veterans here’s the AMVETS ad!


There will never be enough ads in my book that could repay all that our veterans have done, and all that our military still does every day to defend our country, freedom and constitution.

God Bless Our Military!




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