U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris has a message for your kids and your wife: **NSFW

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If this were a grown man ranting this, dare I say he would be displaying the behavior of a predator and perhaps worse, where it concerns kids – but unbelievably, the goalkeeper for the U.S. champion Women’s Soccer Team actually screamed this in public during a parade in their honor, no less: It’s disturbing, not to mention foul, repulsive, bewildering. You tell me if I’m being unfair to her.

This was during Wednesday’s World Cup celebration parade in New York.

That’s right: “Hide your kids”… what? I swear I do not know Ashlyn’s background and I don’t want to know because I don’t care, and beginning tomorrow I no longer have interest in this team – but “hide your kids”? Want to explain that one? Perhaps the follow-up; “Hide your wife” exposes a not so veiled meaning. She doesn’t say “hide the men or the boys or the males or the husbands” – just kids and wives.

We can skip the MF bomb in the middle and jump right to “I’m comin’ for all y’all bitches,” and conclude Ashlyn is fairly excitable at this point in her career. Sadly, this behavior may shorten all of their careers and maybe reduce the amount of money they’ll be able to squeeze out of Corporate sponsorships – which believe me, could be massive. Just ask any Olympic athlete or professional sports player.

We could give her the total benefit of the doubt and she’s still left with being a gutteral creature. This is not me telling her to be “a lady,” by the way, this is me saying her buddy Megan Rapinoe is already a millionaire and doesn’t care about how her behavior affects her bottom-line. Megan Rapinoe does not care about her teammates future. Megan Rapinoe does not care about her country or anything else except Megan Rapinoe.

Ashlyn, you might want to think the whole thing through – that’s what I’m saying.

A compilation video of Harris and her teammates celebrating during the World Cup parade shows Harris constantly addressing the camera as “bitch,” and liberally using; “motherf***er.” Really? That’s how you want mother’s to be referred to?

I guess we’re taking advantage of them by posting these videos, but the truth is – if we didn’t – we’d be accused of making it up, because to be honest it is sort of unbelievable. Even Richard Pryor cleaned it up when he went on Johnny Carson.

The mainstream media loves this, but trust me – if this were a straight, white male? I’ll give you two seconds to guess what it would be labeled: Toxic Masculinity. I’m holding my virtual tongue here because any hint of a joke will get me banned from everywhere because using “motherf***er” is okay, but humor is not nowadays.

After her World Cup victory, Rapinoe and a teammate dropped the American flag on the ground to pose for a photo opp. Everyone should be happy the U.S. women’s team once again proved its excellence on the international stage. Do you agree?

So why do they insist on making so many of us disgusted?







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    She is a product of liberalism.

    . Liberalism is evil! See http://www.insectman.us/misc/liberalism-is-evil.htm

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