Global Warming Destroyed Like You’ve Never Seen It: [VIDEO]

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You will not want to miss this video of Mark Stein and Ted Cruz EVISCERATING the Man Made Global Warming Hoax like none before!

No need for a lot of commentary.

Just watch the video!


I love this:

Mark Steyn: “You want to stop Super storm Sandy? If they built the same storm barrier that the Dutch coast has, that the Russians have in St. Petersburg, that London has in the Thames barrier. For a couple of billion dollars you wouldn’t have had water in the New York subway. But in all this global warming talk, the practical solutions never get built, just this pie in the sky stuff.”

Ted Cruz: “In the year 1615, if you asked 97% of scientists at the time, would’ve said categorically that the sun rotates around the earth. And yet an individual named Galelieo dared to be a scientist and take measurements. And stand up to that enforced consensus. And I would note it was the Roman Inquisition that brought heretics before it who dared to say the earth rotates around the sun. And today, the global warming alarmists have taken the language of the Roman inquisition in going so far as to label anyone who dares point to the actual science as a denier, which is of course the language of religion which is calling someone a heretic. And anytime you hear people saying ‘Scientists should not question the conventional wisdom,’ you’re hearing someone essentially advocating for the abolition of science.”

That is it in a nutshell folks! The Man Made Global Warming Hoax are so caught up in their false narratives that the real solutions never come to light! But it is all based on a lie!

Start with Al Gores Global Warming movie:

You will not want to miss this video of Mark Stein and Ted Cruz EVISCERATING the Man Made Global Warming Hoax like none before!

This Climate Change article was done in 2011 by Christopher Walter, who was a policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher during her years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Here is Mr. Walter’s Climate Change article in full:

35 Inconvenient Truths – The errors in Al Gore’s movie

by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Just follow the breadcrumbs!

Michael Loftus recently addressed the lies told by the global warming scare industry about climate change on the TV Comedy, The Flipside with Michael Loftus! The Flipside just started season two and is available every weekend on a station near you!!

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