Global Warming Causes April Cold and Snow Throughout the Plains and Northeast US

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When you hear “holiday storm,” do you think of Christmas, or Easter? It should be too late for a snowstorm over half the States, especially since we were all promised Global Warming.

Snow is expected in the Midwest and will dump almost a foot of the white stuff in northern Minnesota. Other states set to be affected are Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois as well as Indiana and Ohio. Local media are warning drivers of poor visibility.

Tomorrow morning low pressure will cause bad weather to spread north and east and anyone planning on the I-95 tomorrow morning from Boston to Washington DC will be advised to plan ahead.

Philadelphia and New York are looking at 2 to 4 inches.

And it’s not over then. A new storm is set to drop half a foot of snow on Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan between late Monday and Wednesday.

Weren’t we promised global warming? I thought that polar bears were all going to be dead and we’d all be dodging sun beams in the middle of winter?

Al Gore Lied?!

Since coming out with his ridiculous An Inconvenient Truth movie in 2006, Al Gore’s predictions and assertions — all based on a report sponsored by the United Nations — have been laughably wrong.

Starting in 2007, one of the major pushes against An Inconvenient Truth was by a British viscount who once worked with Margaret Thatcher named Christopher Monckton. Among his complaints in the movie were that the Pacific Islands would “drown,” (they have not), that sea level would rise six meters because Greenland will melt (it did not), the snows on Kilimanjaro would melt (they did not), Lake Chad in Africa would dry up (it did not) and that glaciers in the Himalaya and in Peru would melt (they did not).

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In the last ten years I’d seen a touch of erosion on coastlines that had been eroding for centuries, but nothing else.

According to Al Gore’s research, San Francisco should be underwater by now. Not that he really believed what he was peddling. After all, Gore himself owned a sea-level home in San Francisco while he was warning us all that it would be washed away.

Trump’s Got It Right

And he’s been tweeting about this nonsense since 2012, especially the name change between ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming.’

Upcoming Mini Ice Age

In February of this year we had another good laugh at Gore when a study out of the University of California San Diego said that by 2050, the sun will cool off. As well, England’s Northumbria University announced a study saying that major rivers will free by the year 2030. Overall, this ‘mini ice age’ will start in 2021.

I can’t believe anything from these people anymore. If we’re going to have a mini ice age I hope you nutjob scientists are at least going to Frankenstein some woolly mammoths for me.

Global Warming Predictions from 1970

The first Earth Day in 1970 gave us a gift of scary predictions about future Earth. Here are some examples taken from a set of 1970 predictions made by various fancy journalists and scientists. I don’t think I have to debunk them, not for this audience.

  • George Wald, a Harvard biologist said that “civilization will end within 15 or 30 years” unless “immediate action” is taken. The kind of action wasn’t specified, but he probably wanted money.
  • Barry Commoner, a biologist with Washington University said that we’re in an “environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation”
  • Ecologist Kenneth Watt told the world that “by the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate…that there won’t be any more crude oil.”
  • Harrison Brown of the National Academies of Sciences said that we’d run out of lead, zinc, tin, gold and silver by 1990, and we’d be plumb out of copper around the year 2000.
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  • Paul Ehrlich wrote in Mademoiselle that “the death rate will increase at least 100-200 million people per year” due to starvation. Ehrlich when on to predict that by 1975 there will be “food shortages” that will plunge the whole world into “famines of unbelievable proportions.”

Paul Ehrlich wrote extensively on the need for population control, because Democrats are just itching for more reasons to abort babies. He worked at Stanford and in 2004 was questions about his predictions. He reaffirmed his position. In fact, he now says that some of his ideas in the late 1960s were “way too optimistic.”

Sources: ABC, AEI, Science and Public Policy

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