Give Me The Bacon: Pork Fat Officially One of the Top 10 Most Nutritious Foods

#8 in the world's Top Ten Most Nutritious Foods!

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We all love the bacon, and for years we were told that it was not good for us, but new studies actually show that pork fat is high in nutritional value! It is chocked full of vitamins and other nutrients, and comes in on the top 10 list of most nutritious foods.

So give me the bacon, and lots of it! Bacon lovers all over the world can rejoice and now eat with a clear conscience. It is a good thing as my latest favorite recipe is bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cream cheese! MMM MMM MMM!

In a recent study published by BBC, pork fat has been crowned the eighth most nutritious food on the planet! No, it’s true!

The words ‘pork fat’ and ‘nutritious’ don’t quite go together. That may soon change, given surprising findings by scientists in recent years!

According to a BBC report, researchers who analysed more than 1,000 raw foods found that lard is among the top 10 foods which provide the best balance of a person’s daily nutritional requirements.

Pork fat was ranked 8th in a list of 100 foods, with a nutritional score of 74 – the higher the number, the more likely it will meet your daily nutritional needs.

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Meanwhile, here are the other items that made it to the list of top 10 most nutritious food: Almonds Cherimoya Ocean perch Flat fish Chia seeds Pumpkin seeds Swiss chard Pork fat Beet greens Snapper

  1. Almonds
  2. Cherimoya
  3. Ocean perch
  4. Flat fish
  5. Chia seeds
  6. Pumpkin seeds
  7. Swiss chard
  8. Pork fat
  9. Beet greens
  10. Snapper

And some of the more popular foods that finished outside the top 10 are:

  • Tangerines at 14th
  • Peas 15th
  • Chili powder 25th
  • Kale 31st
  • Cherries 47th
  • Oranges 82nd
  • Carrots 88th
  • Sweet potatoes 100th.

So bacon has been redeemed! The key is to eat a balance of highly nutritional foods, that when consumed together, do not contain too much of any one nutrient, to avoid exceeding daily recommended amounts.

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Pork Fat is good source of B vitamins and minerals. Bacon contains thiamin, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are all vital nutrients the body does not naturally produce.

Pork fat is also more unsaturated and healthier than lamb or beef fat. The fats in bacon are about 50% monounsaturated and a large part of those is oleic acid.

This is the same fatty acid that olive oil is praised for and generally considered “heart-healthy”. Then about 40% is saturated fat, accompanied by a decent amount of cholesterol.

Bacon is surprisingly nutritious and good for mental health.

Bacon is a natural mood enhancer that helps encourage positive mental states.

The health of the brain is vital for the entire body. The brain is the organ that controls the body and ensures everything functions appropriately.

When problems develop in the brain, it leads to odd behaviors, memory loss and ultimately death when it is not properly managed.

The choline in bacon is not only useful for the heart. Choline is a necessary component for the health of the brain. A diet that contains choline on a regular basis will show reduced rates of memory loss over time.

It is used in treatment for mental impairments, including Alzheimer’s Disease and similar dementia diseases. Studies have shown that choline improves memory, intelligence testing and reduces the speed of damage to the brain from dementia.

Bacon is not bad for the body or health. Since the meat contains a high level of nutrients, it is a useful addition to any diet. The key to eating bacon and gaining health benefits is keeping the portions to reasonable sizes. When eaten in proper portion sizes, the amount of salt and fat is a negligible concern and the health benefits will outweigh the possible downsides associated with the meat.

So be sure to share this with all your friends! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty Bacon is free at last!

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