Ghost Car Materializes From Nowhere in Released Crash Footage

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With the advent of dash-cam video, there are millions of car crash videos available on the internet, and some get real freaky.

Released footage of a ghost car that appears out of thin air seems to have caused an accident at an intersection in Singapore.

The footage has had social media users spooked around the world.

In the puzzling footage, a silver car mysteriously pops into the frame and collides with a white BMW before sliding out of view.

“This is really weird. Played a few times and still cannot figure out where the car is from,” Jacky Tong Liang wrote on the Facebook page, where the video was posted Monday.

The New York Post gives an answer:

No one was harmed in the crash, according to the posting. Video experts think the optical illusion might be the result of uncanny timing and that the turning white car blocks the other car from the camera’s view.

The car may appear to come from nowhere, but if you look closely at the clip, you can see the “ghost car” behind the van at :09. Later in the clip, at the 0:15 mark, the roof of the silver car is barely visible behind the car that crashes into it.

The distortion from the reflection of the dashcam also makes the collision harder to see.

Like we said, there is a lot of freaky footage out there. Some of it is gruesome, some will make you chuckle, and some will make you downright mad at the way people drive. Here is more footage for your watching pleasure:

Сar Crash Top provides a plethora of car crash footage. Here is their 2018 top incidents:

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Most of the time, accidents can be prevented by people paying close attention to their driving. Accidents are accidents, but when one is cause because someone is doing something stupid, it is aggravating.

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I have always been a defensive driver. Just giving myself space between my car and the one in front of me at a stop, in case the guy behind me does not stop in time, has saved me from accidents.

Be careful out there! Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we participate in!

    • Drive “defensively”
    • Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing, and expect the unexpected.
    • Assume other motorists will do something crazy, and always be prepared to avoid it.
    • Keep a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you.
    • Make that 4 seconds if the weather is bad.
    • Keep 100% of your attention on driving at all times – no multi-tasking.
    • Don’t use your phone or any other electronic device while driving.
    • Slow down. Speeding gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident.
    • Build time into your trip schedule to stop for food, rest breaks, phone calls or other business.
    • Adjust your seat, mirrors and climate controls before putting the car in gear.
    • Pull over to eat or drink. It takes only a few minutes.

It is simple folks! Be careful, focused and be aware!

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