George Washington was the extremist?

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Screw you, Department of Defense. You too, rodeo clown.

GeorgeWashingtonCrossingDelaware So it’s come to this. These people, these Obamanistas, these ‘fundamentally transform America’ thieves, spit on the Constitution daily. They mock American values. They rule by fiat. But according to them, freedom-minded Americans, who identify with the Founding Fathers and subscribe to the truths and ways in our founding documents, we are the extremists and the haters.

Now they’ve gone too far. Now they tell us that unacceptable, dangerous extremists include George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.

Democrats – normal thieves and thugs
This bunch of Democrats has for generations thwarted the will of Americans and undermined the plain meaning of the Constitution through unjust court decisions. They’ve pitted groups of Americans against each other for the sake of their own power. With the consent of no one they’ve: chased any semblance of Christianity or even morals out of the public arena; foisted homosexual “special rights” upon America; bit by bit, regulated the freedom out of our daily lives; made a mockery of the rule of law; applied civil rights only to special favored classes; and spent us over a financial cliff.

More recently, under the reign of the Obamanistas, they’ve accelerated the demise of the American way. They ignore court rulings. They ignore the duty of the executive branch to faithfully execute the duly enacted laws of the land; instead, they write their own laws and enforce nothing else. They cowtow to Islam. They fund and support, in both Libya and Syria, the very terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. They declare the producer the enemy while they take his money, hand it out to their own constituents, and tell them what a rotten, hateful bum he is, and that he never deserved anything he worked for.

Freedom, law and order lovers are the extremists
But we are the extremists and haters, according to them. The haters? Seriously? You ever listen to one boring Obama speech? Ever spend 2 minutes listening to the mouth-breathers at MSNBC? NAACP? Code Pink? Funny what does and does not qualify as hate for these people..

Now the Department of Defense says so
Now that oppressing conservatives is official government policy (see NSA, IRS, EPA, ad infinitum) it’s no surprise that now it’s in official Department of Defense training manuals. This lovely document came to our attention thanks to the tireless work of our friends at Judicial Watch. It’s a training manual called “AFSS 0910
Equal Opportunity and Treatment Incidents (EOTI)” . Yeah whatever that is supposed to mean.

Here are some nuggets. From a section titled “Extremist Ideologies”

In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.

How nice to lump in the Founding Fathers with the slave-holding Confederacy in the same sentence.


“Nowadays,instead of dressing in sheets or publicly espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.”

Again, “individual liberties” is just code for KKK.

Apprently that whole ‘dissent’ thing is a problem
Airball In Chief This is not the first. DHS internal documents named those who love individual liberty as extreme right-wing fanatics. That’s not a paraphrase. FEMA and various law enforcement organs commonly use training scenarios in which the target group is some imagined conservative or right-wing fanatical group (but curiously not Muslim terrorists, Occupy types, union thugs, or other known violent groups)

Apparently groups known for oppression and silencing free speech are common travellers, and therefore not a threat to what leftists in charge want to do with their power. Those interested in all those self-evident freedoms mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, not so much.

OK then, I’m an extremist
Well then, if George Washington is an extremist, and if loving freedom and small government is extremist, then count me in.

A famous (and much-maligned) man once said

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

The same man in the same speech said something else, and I think we should give it a very careful look:

Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.

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  1. Richard Wheeler says

    Thank all of you for your service U.S.M.C. vet here . I also fulfill more than 50 of the dhs list for possible extremist. Lets also remember that the most of the men that fought for the confederacy were not slave owners, and were in fact fighting for the very same reasons our founding fathers fought. Political and Economic freedom/power. So lets keep our eyes on the prize so to speak and that is either getting this gov back to it’s constitutional role or doing what our FF’s did.

  2. Defend The Constitution says

    Twisting liberty’s definition from “minimized coercion” into “removed obstacles” is the basis for replacing liberty with centralized power.

  3. grassroot says

    Crap from the Liberal Fascists. This is how the dishonest radicals survive.
    Demean and trash those who are actually in the right.

    A true Saul Alinsky tactic.

  4. Melissa Henderson Jaramillo says

    Only goes to show their intellegence level in DC. If they actually would stop rewriting History, they may have learned that the KKK were extremeists from the Democratic Party…not the Republican. ANd. having grown up in the South during the 60’s….I have witnessed more racisim in more recent days…from the Black comminity than the white.

    1. grassroot says

      But, they will not acknowledge it.. Not politically correct to do so.

  5. Joe1938 says

    Well Folks, FYI, for many decades, there has been a huge national/international machine working to destroy our American way of life and create their version of a one world government. Unfortunately the average American does not realize that we are saturated with the tools of this huge machine; The Socialist, communist, marxist, and now the islamofascist. Add to those tools, the average American voter who is economically and politically ignorant. Add to that, the 2 or 3 generations of our kids who have been dumbed down by public education to the point that they can not make intelligent decisions. Add to that, a gutless Congress. Add to that…. AAAAh, there is not enough room on this blog “to add to that”.

    1. grassroot says

      And it is as Nikita Krushchev warned us in the fifties or sixties.
      ” We will not conquer you by force of arms, but through your children,
      being indoctrinated in your Socialist schools by Marxist/Socialist professors and teachers.” Have we not seen this in the last sixty years?

  6. pysco says

    The government writes and approves training manuals, and most Generals are nothing but cheap politicians, they will go along with what ever the President says, they have ceased to walk like men… However, say what they might, that doesn’t mean that troops will believe this garbage. Its like people believing that gays will fit into the military, why don’t they ask the troops.

    1. mtman2 says

      IF you wanted a military body that would sign the declaration to “FIRE on American citizens”, who would you pick to pack the ranks with???????

  7. foxxybey says

    The Constitution is hated by every hater of freedom loving American’s, I took a oath to defend it and spent 12 years in the Marine Corps to do so, and once a Marine, always a Marine, this Marine will defend the Constitution against the enemies without and within. Rather live free or die free, it’s up to the Nazi left?

    1. $4119491 says

      Hello. I’m a hater. I’m a hater of all things Obama. I’m a hater of all things Democrat. I’m a hater of all things RINO. I’m a hater of communists. I’m a hater of socialists. I’m a hater of liberals. I’m a hater of progressives. I’m a hater of fascists. I’m a hater of LIARS, THEIVES and the IRS. I’m a hater of sin (whether it’s mine or another’s). I may be judged by God for hating these things but, HE HATES THEM TOO.

      1. foxxybey says

        I guess i’m with you TheSunDidit. I hate all that also.

      2. mtman2 says

        Actually you followed through to the end of ‘their’ alternate reasoning, responsible for the 180-degree divergence in it’s true essence. -GOD-!!! The God of OUR Founding Fathers[this includes their wives for the sexist], THE GOD of the Bible, THE GOD of OUR very fathers. The God that can set all men truely free and IS the
        -first part of THE 1st Amendment; because this truth of fact -IS- the very reason OF, FOR, + BY the People AND NO OTHER. It is the Christian belief system of Salvation in, of + thru Christ encased in the various ‘flavors’ of worship choices;
        meaning the govmint CAN’T make it for you-[like Britain+Europe did].
        This entire assembly of FREEDOM to worship -IS- what they hate and must get rid of; as they believe the original lie from the Prince of Lies = “YOU WILL BE LIKE GOD, KNOWING GOOD AND EVIL”, ie ‘situational ethics'[U decide what’s right]. WRONG!!!

      3. grassroot says

        Yes, God does hate, he hates evil and sin. And we see this in our
        ” elected” politicians. But, as we have turned our collective backs
        on him, he has given us the leaders we deserve. Until we repent.
        Sec. Chron. 7-14

        1. $4119491 says

          Because God hates sin and will not look the other way about it, the liberal/progressive crowd hates HIM and we who love Him. As Jesus said, the world hated Me first; don’t be surprised that it hates you.

  8. Rick says

    Where did you find this? I cannot find evidence of this anywhere.

    1. Grayzel says

      Look harder.

    2. Charie says

      I’ll give you a clue, Rick. How about you click on the link so thoughtfully provided by Mr. Nolo. You will notice in the body of the article, there is a phrase in blue that reads: “This lovely document…”

    3. $4119491 says

      Recent DOD training information. Check into it.

    4. foxxybey says

      Have been there and have seen his words, real history, should try it some time?

  9. 48vince says

    George Washington and the colonialists who fought tyrannical Britain are still the greatest heroes that this country has ever known. They sacrificed, and often lost everything for the cause of liberty, a little understood concept in today’s America. These DOD training manual quotes are proof positive of this government’s lack of reverence or even basic respect for liberty. What more do we need to see? Is there anyone out there who really cares, outside of for their own self-interest?

    1. irish7_1sg says

      Very well stated, 48vince! During the most challenging parts of my 30 year career in the Army, I would think of those brave men who stood in the snows of Valley Forge with their feet wrapped in rags. They were too fiscally poor to own shoes. But, their mental strength, iron hearts and unbeatable spirit rocked the most powerful nation on earth. To portray our Founding Fathers in a negative light borders blasphemy. It boggles my mind how any patriotic American can support these liberals as they defile Judeo/Christian values and insult our most admirable leaders. If the Main Stream Media would finally tell the truth about the Left’s support of Moslem expansion and Barry’s goal of a Hunger Games type government, we may just prevent the country’s destruction.

      1. Joe1938 says

        30 Year career! Thanks for your service brother!
        Joe1938, USN VET, American Taxpayer, DHS Certified RWE

        1. irish7_1sg says

          Do you work for DHS! I am hoping and praying we have some good folks within their ranks, as we hear bad things about them all the time.

          1. LastNameFirst says

            I think he was referring that the DHS has certified him as a Right Wing Extremist (RWE).
            And thank you both for your service! 20 years retired Army here.

          2. irish7_1sg says

            I am equally grateful of your dedication. You’re right, I read it too fast. I have involved myself in so many blogs and forums, I can’t keep up. On a recent article that floated the internet that described Homeland Security’s 72 actions and affiliations for potential terrorism, I fulfilled 52 of them.

          3. LastNameFirst says

            Your quite welcome, Top! I know the feeling about the forums. I try to catch myself before I make a mistake, but I too have made my share.

      2. grassroot says

        Yes, there was great suffering for these heroes and for their
        commanding officers. It is unfathomable what misery and suffering
        They endured to gain our freedom from a Tyrant. Now we have

        them in our White House and government.

    2. Joe1938 says

      48Vince, Re “the greatest heroes”; 56 Of our greatest heroes signed the “Declaration of Independence”. Sad that few Americans know the faith of the 56 people who signed the “Declaration of Independence”. Google “56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence”.

    3. mtman2 says

      This is the last thing THEY want to point to -in OUR educational system!
      So NOT pointing to it hasn’t worked; as any normal person can relate to even a rudimentary glossing over of OUR story!!!
      So now THEY’RE taking it to the next level by outright denigration of the greatest event since the NEW TESTAMENT[except-The Reformation+The Enlightenment], =AMERICA and OUR idea of LIBERTY!

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