Is George Soros Hiring Student Actors to Preach His Gospel?

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The left are furiously trying to stamp down the well-documented case that George Soros has been funding the gun control talking points in media following the Parkland massacre.

Liberal papers are already publishing hit pieces arguing against the stories without providing any arguments, only insults.

The story centers around a young man named David Hogg who had previously told reporters in California that his father is a former FBI agent, but has mysteriously turned up to be a student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. The high school holds over 3,100 students.

David Hogg’s History with CNN and the FBI

One of the student activists who has appeared in media in the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead is David Hogg. Hogg told the reporters that he is the son of a retired FBI agent, and he spoke with CNN describing an incident that occurred on a beach in California.

You can see him in the last half of the five minute video, six months later, giving a prepared speech to “elected officials” describing what happened to his school.

Fishy, right?

The California video was uploaded on August 6th, 2017. Schools in Broward County opened on August 21st last summer. Was he on a late vacation? Did his family move?

Sheriff David Clarke

Yesterday, Clarke posted on social media that he agreed that the demand for gun control is following the same attack structure as many of Soros’ projects.

Newsweek’s Response

If you search around for more information you will be bombarded by other left-wing sites prioritizing knocking this theory down. CNN, Time, Variety, CNBC, Digg, Vice Magazine, BBC, Business Insider, Vox, New York Daily News, The Independent, The Daily Beast, Snopes and The Verge are all considered top stories in the case of “David Hogg.”

A new article published by the left-wing heaps praise on Soros, 87, while mocking his critics. Here’s a sample:

“Soros, an 86-year-old hedge fund manager who funds charities and liberal causes around the world, including LGTB rights and democracy building, has become a global boogeyman for right-wing politicians and pundits. His Open Society Foundations are transparent about their support for social justice.”

If you use Google to find more information about George Soros, you are almost inevitably met with top links from the extremely liberal Snopes site, claiming that Soros is in fact a harmless kitty-cat and that right wingers are stupid fat idiots.

Mocking his critics without addressing their concerns is a very common tactic for Soros.

Suppression of All George Soros Criticsm

On the Soros Wikipedia page, there are only two sentences dedicated to criticism from the right wing. The sentences:

“Due in part to his two economy-damaging short sales of currency, and left-wing political philanthropy, Soros has been a frequent target of right-wing criticism. A spokesman for Soros Fund Management stated he “first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.”

…do not contain any of the criticisms against the man, but serve to hand out more propaganda from his side.

See also: Look How Much George Soros is Paying These Sniveling Anti-Trump Protesters!

Soros-Sponsored: State Attorney Aramis Ayala

Last year, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida pulled State Attorney Aramis Ayala from prosecuting Markieth Loyd for the deaths of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton and his pregnant girlfriend.

The move came after Ayala announced that she would not seek the death penalty in the case because death is not in “the best interest of justice.”. Local media spoke with the previous State Attorney Jeff Ashton who lost a recent election to office to Ayala. At the time, Ayala had “no opposition to the death penalty.”

It was found that Ayala had received $1.4 million from a PAC tied to George Soros.

Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton, allegedly murdered by Loyd

Flashback: Nayirah Testimony

In 1990, a 15-year-old girl named Nayirah gave testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. Her information was later cited by George H.W. Bush and some Senators in their reasoning to side with Kuwait during the Gulf War.

Her testimony included stories about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, stating that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators in hospitals, leaving them to die while they took the medical equipment for themselves.

In 1992, Nayirah’s surname was revealed to be al-Sabah, and it was found that she is the daughter of Saud al-Sabah, who was at the time the Kuwaiti ambassador to the States. The two were working with Citizens for a Free Kuwait, which was a public relations campaign run by Americans for the Kuwaiti government. Amnesty International later issued a retraction after defending the story of the “large-scale killing of incubator babies,” saying that the evidence in the story “did not stand up.”

Influential testimony can indeed be bought.

Nayirah al-Sabah in 1990

What To Expect

The strikes against the story will continue to rain down. Left wing sites will publish their own bogus versions of the theory as “explainers,” and they will find more crying people to appear on camera to push for gun control and for criticism of the NRA.

Sources: Wikipedia, Esquire, Patch, The Hill

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