Hollywood Celebrity George Lopez Attacks Trump Supporter at Hooters [VIDEO]

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George Lopez attacked a man in a Hooters restaurant who claims he simply wanted a pic of the actor / comedian and used a Trump reference to get George to smile. That’s one side of the story:

Lopez, who clearly grabbed the customer by the neck in a shocking video taken at a Hooters restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico, says he went off only after the man had allegedly followed and egged him on all night with Trump references.

As Lopez goes after him and his phone, the man shouts: “George wants to fight me, George wants to fight me.”

The supporter in question also claims George grabbed his phone and started filming his own crotch … but never hit record, according to TMZ.

Lopez has not been shy about sharing his dislike for the president. He was filmed last year emptying a water bottle, simulating urination, on to the president’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In the actual Hooters incident, Lopez is seen walking away at the end of the video… But who is the real racist? Judging by the following clip (NSFW LANGUAGE), Lopez is a racist and someone who clearly cannot take a joke himself:

George eventually gave the phone back and, wanting to make him smile and ease an awkward situation, the guy said, “On the count of 3 say Make America Great Again!” Lopez clearly didn’t find the comment funny … because he was on his way out of the restaurant when the video starts.

As for why he chose a Trump reference, the guy says he was aware of Lopez’s disgust for 45 and just wanted to crack a joke and says he’s a Democrat. There were no arrests right away, but police confirmed that Lopez was charged with misdemeanor battery over the incident later.

“Here comes my boy George,” says the patron as Lopez walks right up to him and reaches for the man’s phone, which was recording the incident.

“Jorge Lopez!” The man says in the video, using the Spanish version of George’s first name. “Look at him! He wants to fight me!” Lopez can be seen grabbing the man’s neck.

The 57-year-old comedian was in town filming the movie “Walking With Herb,” according to TMZ. An anonymous source told the publication that the man had been heckling Lopez earlier in the evening, making pro-Trump comments and saying “MAGA.”

In July, a video emerged in which the comedian used a water bottle to pretend to urinate on Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In October of last year, Lopez performed at a charity diabetes event in Denver, Colorado. However, his anti-Trump jokes got him booed off the stage.

Lopez’s upcoming independent film “Walking With Herb” is a faith-based movie based on a novel by Joe Bullock, according to Deadline. Ross Marks is directing the film. Both Bullock and Marks are natives of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

In the film, Joe, a 65-year-old former amateur golfer is sent a message by God to play in the World Golf Championship tournament. Comedian Lopez plays a motorcyclist named Herb, who helps Joe on his journey.





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