FURIOUS Footage Showing 3 Green Berets Being MURDERED By Jordanian Soldier Is Finally Released To Public! [VIDEO]

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Jordan’s military has finally released security camera footage on Monday of the shooting in which a Jordanian soldier who was pulling security, killed three U.S. military trainers at an air base in the kingdom.

The video will make some viewers very, very upset, but it should been seen. It had previously been shown to the families of the U.S. Army Green Berets by U.S. law enforcement, but up until now, it had not been made public until Monday.

The special forces were caught off guard with nothing more than civilian clothes and their pistols, and were killed on November 4, when their convoy was all the sudden a target in a hail of bullets at the entrance to the al-Jafr base in southern Jordan. What a real tragedy. 
A Jordanian military court saw to it that they sentenced the soldier, 1st Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha, to life in prison with hard labor. This was finally processed last week, though for the lives of 3 of America’s best special operations soldiers, a firing squad would seem a more suitable fit for this scumbag.

The defendant attempted to lie and claim that he opened fire because he was scared that the base was coming under attack and that he had acted in line with open-fire regulations. Bull.

Jordan’s military had shot back in a statement Monday, saying that the soldier ‘had acted against orders and military instructions and had not acted in self-defense,’ which was a statement posted by Hala Akhbar, a news site linked to the military that also released the security camera footage.

Jordan initially said the Americans started the shooting frenzy by disobeying entry rules, a claim that was later withdrawn after they saw that is was total garbage. These men were there to train their cruddy army, and this is how they repay them, and treat their memory?

The operators that were killed were Staff Sgt. Matthew C. Lewellen, 27, of Kirksville, Missouri; Staff Sgt. Kevin J. McEnroe, 30, of Tucson, Arizona; and Staff Sgt. James F. Moriarty, 27, of Kerrville, Texas.

The video of the shooting is 6-minutes-long, and lined up precisely with the descriptions previously given by the relatives of the American soldiers who had to sit through the footage, watching their loved ones being mowed down.

Daily Mail:

It shows the U.S. convoy coming under fire at the entrance to the base. The footage has no sound, but puffs of white-gray smoke indicate gunfire.

At one point, two figures, U.S. forces, are seen getting out of their vehicles to take cover. They raise their hands and wave from behind a barrier, but the shooting continues. Another figure, according to past descriptions the Jordanian, chases them and keeps shooting.

According to the descriptions of the relatives, Lewellen and McEnroe, who were in the first vehicle waiting at the gate, were the first to be hit by gunfire.

Moriarty and another soldier jumped out of the next two cars to take cover and returned fire with their pistols. They yelled that they were friendly forces, the relatives said.

The defendant just kept on shooting, until he was seriously wounded in the gun fight. It is unfortunate that he didn’t get taken down…Something tells me that he will not be serving life in his own country. The man should not be alive. It’s wasn’t a ‘mistake’, it was an assassination.

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