Freedom Of Speech Is NOT Allowed At This ILLINOIS College!

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Several students at the College of DuPage were told to cease or be “locked up” Friday as they attempted to collect signatures for a petition urging the school to improve its free speech policies. This event happened the day after “Constitution Day”.

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The two students, along with an advisor from Turning Point USA who was helping them organize a chapter at DuPage, were on campus inviting passersby to sign up for the club and/or sign the petition—and were also distributing pocket Constitutions and non-partisan flyers stating the “America is a free speech zone”—when they were approached by campus police.

Most of Friday’s altercation was caught on video and shared with Campus Reform. The video begins with the conversation already in progress, as the group is questioning the officer about why they are not allowed to do what they are doing.


Here’s the conversation from Campus Reform:


Enders asks the officer, “[w]hat are the rules for doing this kind of stuff on campus?”

“You go to the Student Life office, and they give you a permit to do so,” the officer replies.

“So you need a permit to …”

“Yeah, because you can’t have everybody out here doing this,” the officer tells him. “Otherwise you’d have stuff lined up all along here, everybody having a different view and a different point, so you can’t do that.”

Kara Hamilton, the TPUSA representative, then presses the point, asking,

“So, like, free speech …?”

It’s not free speech, ma’am,” the officer informs her. “Nobody’s stopping you from free speech, but you can’t solicit out here, and basically you are—you’re soliciting your opinions. Okay? And you need to go get a permit.”

“Is it a commodity in any way?” Enders interjects. “Is speech a commodity?”

“Well, you’re handing out pamphlets and stuff like that, so that’s exactly what it would mean,” the officer responds.

When asked for more info about the permit process, the officer then appears to become somewhat exasperated, and exclaims,

“[w]hy don’t you go talk to Student Life? But you can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up. I don’t want it to come to that; like I said, I want you to go in to Student Life.”

“One student [Enders] was holding an American flag and when they were going to leave and go inside the officer told him that he could not bring the flag into the school,” said Mason Zeri, one of two students who had stopped to sign the group’s petition when the officer approached.

“The students asked why they couldn’t bring an American flag into the school and the officer gave them no response and just ignored them purposely,” Zeri said. “The officer acted very rude in general. The students were not giving him any attitude and he really had no reason to be rude, the students were complying completely.”



Is THIS Insane or WHAT? Are you kidding me? #WakeUpAmerica

First, let me say, I support police officers and #AllLivesMatter especially  lately, in these days of the destruction of property, riots and the war on police by #BlackLivesMatter, thanks to our Dictator-in-Chief.

Second, this student absolutely had the right to do what he did! He was NOT solicitating! He was gathering signatures for a petition to form a club – a club that would exist AT this college. What happened to Freedom of Speech? You know the 1st Amendment?

Third, this student was handing out copies of Constitution – NOT pamphlets! Since when are Americans NOT allowed to distribute copies of the Constitution. Are you going to arrest Senator Cruz who’s running for President, when he comes to this campus, because he distributes copies of the Constitution when he campaigns? What happened that we suddenly went from a country that used to say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday in school and encourage students to read the Constitution, to a country that now sicks policemen on students for handing out copies of one of America’s founding documents?

Fourth, since when did America put in place laws or policies stating a student can’t bring a flag into a public school or public college that is supported by tax dollars of #WeThePeople? Aren’t there US flags displayed on the College of DuPage’s property, both outside and inside the school?

Finally, if I were the College of DuPage, I would be speaking to my lawyers, because this sounds like a lawsuit and it’s NOT going to be pretty. Get ready taxpayers – because if this does happen, unfortunatley, you will pay the price of the lawsuit- that is your tax dollars at work!


DuPage County used to be a strong county of the Republican Party. However, the county supported Barack Obama for President in 2008 and 2012. Prior to 2008, no Democrat had won DuPage County since 1852, before the Republican Party even existed!

Times are changing people and if #WeThePeople don’t wake up, there are going to be serious and permanent consequences regarding our freedoms in America, thanks again to Obama, Dictator-in-Chief! Maybe you should ask yourself, “How often does Obama mention the word “Constitution” or “Freedom”? Do you even remember what a real leader said about freedom?


College of DuPage has a no motto: Welcome to the New School of Thought!

If this is the “New School of Thought”…..thank you, but NO THANK YOU! It sounds Progressive to me, but then again, I didn’t vote for Obama, Dictator-in-Chief.

After all, Illinois is “the Land of Lincoln” and “the Birthplace of Ronald Reagan”…..they did get 2 out of 3 right!



Written by Nancy Hayes

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