The Walls of Illegal Fraud Are Finally Closing in on Ilhan Omar

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Ilhan Omar opened a can of worms this week when she deleted a seemingly innocent 2013 tweet wishing her father, Nur Said, a happy father’s day. That tweet provided corroboration on an issue she is facing dealing with illegal immigration fraud that has stalked her since her election campaign. Did Omar commit immigration fraud by marrying her brother in order to get him into the United States?

Scott Johnson of Powerline, a retired attorney, has been covering the issue since she ran for the Minnesota state Legislature.

This week, he wrote about the the issue starting from the top, and pointing out how the deleted tweet just may be the pivital piece of evidence that proves the case against:

A few days after I started writing about Ilhan Omar on Power Line in August 2016 — after she had won the primary for the DFL state legislative endorsement — I was contacted by a source who agreed to discuss his knowledge of Omar’s family with me. At our meeting he told me that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi — Omar’s legal husband, so to speak, as of that date — was Omar’s brother and that she had married him for fraudulent purposes. He wrote out the real names of Omar and the members of her immediate family as follows, specifying their locations as of that summer:

Nur Said Elmi (father) — Minneapolis
Sahra Nur Said Elmi (sister) — Minneapolis
Leila Nur Said Elmi (sister — London
Ilhan Nur Said Elmi (Ilhan Omar) — Minneapolis
Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (brother) — London

Yesterday New York Post reporter Jon Levine noted on Twitter that Omar had just deleted a 2013 tweet wishing her father — Nur Said — a happy father’s day. Levine wondered why.

Here is the problem in a nutshell:  Ahemd Nur Said Elmi , the man whom Omar legally married, so to speak, in 2009, is her brother. We know that Nur Said Elmi is his father. Omar has denied repeatedly that Ahemd Nur Said Elmi is her brother, but has provided no evidence to this date to back up that denial.

But she tweeted a Happy Father’s Day to Nur, who is Ahmed’s father as well.

All of this led Scott to finally announce with 100% confidence that he now believes that Omar is guilty of multiple frauds.

And Scott points out as well that Omar herself entered the United States under an assumed identity:

My source told me that Omar and another member or two of the Elmi family had entered the United States as fraudulent members of the Omar family. That would go some way to explain why Omar lacks any acknowledged relative with the name Omar.

We have before us one Ilhan Omar. To ask a rude question, however, where are the rest of the Omars? The real Omars have gone to ground. No member of the mainstream media has noted the anomaly hiding in plain sight, among others.

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New York Post reporter Jon Levine noted on Twitter that Omar had just deleted the 2013 tweet wishing her father, Nur Said, a happy father’s day. The question is why? He asked her to explain.

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller as well called it evidence of fraud, also asking Omar to explain.

So what happens from here? The media is ignoring this, but that does not mean the law is. It seems the MN AG might be the key to all of this. There is enough evidence for a grand jury.

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