Franklin Graham Posts Brutal Parenting Fact… Over 20k “Likes” in 1 Hour! [Video]

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Just when you thought you had heard everything! This is TOTAL INSANITY!

Since when, is it appropriate for Planned Parenthood to get involved in teaching young children about LGTBQ? The organization that is nothing but butchers of babies has come out with ‘parenting guidelines’ for helping parents teach their very young children about gender identity! UNBELIEVABLE! Seriously?!

Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be anywhere near children, let alone be teaching parents about gender identity. Since when is it appropriate for them to teach parents about transgender identity? You have GOT to be kidding me?!  THIS is INSANE! What MORONS!

Even Christian leader Franklin Graham agreed and called them out on it. Now his post has gone viral!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Christian leader Franklin Graham wrote a brutal Facebook post about Planned Parenthood’s “parenting guidelines” that has gone viral.

Graham noted that Planned Parenthood recently made news because its website provides “guidelines” for parents on how to teach their children about gender identity.

On a webpage titled, “How do I talk with my preschooler about their body?” Planned Parenthood said if a child asks why boys and girls have different bodies, parents should introduce the concept of transgender identity.

Boy, girl, man, and woman are words that describe gender identity, and . . . (Y)our genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl,” the site reads.

The organization also encouraged parents to be “thoughtful” about choices when it came to “books, toys, entertainment, clothes, decorations, and other things,” adding that introducing girls in pink rooms and boys in blue rooms “before they’re old enough to choose for themselves can send the message that they have to like certain things because of their gender.”

But introducing explicit sexual topics to children before they’re even old enough to read is OK?

Graham didn’t waste a moment pointing out how utterly ridiculous these “guidelines” are.

“They want to introduce the concept of transgender identity to a younger and younger audience — pushing the LGBTQ agenda,” Franklin’s wrote.

Graham is absolutely on the mark for calling out Planned Parenthood’s tactics. Plus, Planned Parenthood’s transgender education agenda isn’t the first kind of wildly inappropriate and destructive content Planned Parenthood has tried to force on impressionable children.

Watch the video below for a small taste of the things Planned Parenthood has been up to regarding its sexual education agenda.

(****Warning: Contains graphic content***)

Graham reminded his followers that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, performing over 300,000 abortions annually.

The thought of that alone is staggering — what a tragedy. Abortion is the murder of an unborn child. What kind of parenting is that?

Perhaps the abortion business is now trying to garner support from the LGBT movement with this kind of garbage, but one thing is clear: the organization does not care about children — dead or alive.

Evangelist Franklin Graham and most Americans understand that Christians in America who oppose the LGBT agenda are being “persecuted” and singled out “over and over and over again” for acting in accordance with their biblical convictions on sexuality.

To think that Planned Parenthood or the butchers of babies could have any ground to stand on when it comes to talking about ‘parenting’ is TOTAL INSANITY! Anyone who performs over 300,000 abortions a year should NOT be lecturing to ANY parents, especially on the topic of transgender identity! Period!

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