Fox Host Loses Temper While Live On Air, Attacks Juan Williams: ‘If You’re Going to Sit There & Call Your Colleague a Liar…’

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Juan Williams seems to have lost his mind. He proved to be a semi-reasonable Democrat for numerous years when appearing on Fox News. DO YOU THINK WATER’S ACTIONS WERE JUSTIFIED? He seemed to see weigh both sides of any given issue before making judgement, but since President Donald Trump has taken office, Williams seems to have lost his mind. The man can’t be taken seriously anymore.

Just look at what happened when he appeared Fox News’ “The Five” this week. Williams called his colleague a “liar” after reporting that the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the United States is carrying criminals.

The Daily Caller reports that Watters stated, “Juan, I have to address some of the things you just said. Sara Carter, one of your colleagues here at Fox News, went down there. Actually you’re not there. She’s down there. She’s a colleague. Spoke to Guatemalan intelligence and interview people in the caravan and is confirmed there is MS-13 affiliated gang members among the caravan.”

“If you are going to sit there and call your colleague a liar while you are sitting on your tush in a nice air-conditioned studio in Manhattan, I really think that’s unbecoming. Second of all, you have not said — what are you going to do but the caravan, Juan? You have no plans to do anything about it. Have you had anything to add of substance to what to do with this 7,000 strong migration coming north? What are you going to do?” Watters questioned.

“Why don’t they fix the immigration system that is so badly broken in our country,” Williams quickly answered. “This is lowball politics and you are on message for President Trump, although today he said he has no proof.”

Take a look at the full segment below, but right around the 8:15 mark is the vital part of the clip.

Technically, by definition, every single person on the migrant caravan is a criminal, as they are planning to enter the country illegally.

Then there’s the fact that we know, without a doubt, that the caravan is carrying MS-13 members and other criminals. Those riding with the caravan even admitted it!

Juan Williams is playing the go-to Democrat card. He’s blaming everyone around him when things don’t go his way. It’s a classic page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook. Hell, she’s still doing it two years after she lost the presidential election to Trump.


Approximately 400 illegal immigrants from Central America evidently boarded a train known as “The Beast” in southern Mexico on Thursday in a risky move aimed at transporting them to the US border quicker. This train has been around for quite a while and it has a reputation for getting illegal immigrants killed or maimed as they take the dangerous trek to the border.

The decision to board the train en masse comes after a breakout of migrants from a troubled immigration detention center in the southern border city of Tapachula last Thursday night. A breakout that I am very skeptical of… they were almost certainly let out. Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said the mass escape, which appears to be the largest in recent memory, involved around 1,300 Cuban migrants. Around 700 of them have since returned voluntarily, but hundreds remain on the run. It has the feel of propaganda. Cuba is communist and is assisting in the invasion.

From Fox News:

“Migration authorities said nearly 400 migrants boarded the train, Reuters reported, with images showing men, women, and children of various nationalities, most of them on the roofs of carriages.

“We hope our God above will keep helping us. We had to keep moving forward,” Michael Hernandez, a Honduran, told Reuters after disembarking from the train together with a large group of others migrants after reaching the town of Ixtepec. “They won’t let us walk, so we climbed on the train. It’s our only option.”

“President Trump has been pressuring Mexico to do more about the migrants passing through their country into the U.S. – even threatening to close down the border if President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador doesn’t stop illegal migrants from coming to the U.S. border.

“Mexico has largely been responsive to the pressure, stepping up the efforts to detain the migrants and deport them back home.

“But such crackdown also led to migrants using the train, which runs from the southern border state of Chiapas into neighboring Oaxaca and north into Gulf coast state Veracruz, as this way dozens of police and immigration checkpoints along the Mexican highways can be avoided even the journey on a train is significantly more dangerous.

“The train has been used by migrants in the past, but it became ignored in recent years because of the dangers of the journey, including death or lost limbs.

They’re riding the train again, that’s a fact,” said the Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, a migrant rights activist, who works to provide temporary shelter for migrants.

“It’s going to go back to the way it was, the (Mexican) government doesn’t want them to be seen. If the migrants move quietly like a stream of little ants, they’ll allow them to, but they are not going to allow them to move through Mexico publicly or massively,” he added.”

The large group descended from the train on Friday after it reached the town of Ixtepec to the northwest of Arriaga.

Mexico has not been responsive, regardless of what the media claims, to pressure as far as I can tell. They put on a good show but in the end, are assisting these invaders with getting to our border and invading our country. Their military is breaching our border and detaining and disarming our soldiers. Last time I looked, that was an act of war all in itself.

Far-Left Radicals, Dems, And Media Once Again Falsely Claim Trump Calls Immigrants ‘Animals’

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