4 Pillars of the Hillary Campaign: The Scooby-Doo Tour

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Hillary stated during her entirely staged Scooby van tour that she has four pillars in her campaign. She offered no explanation of how she plans to produce results.

1)  She wants to pass a constitutional amendment to get unaccountable money out of politics once and for all, if that is what is needed.

2)  She will build an economy for the future.

3)  She will strengthen families and communities

4)  She will bolster national security.

When you are through laughing, ponder the following facts.

Hillary_Clinton_Fake_SmileThe campaign of the one who wants to get money out of Presidential campaigns has set as its goal the raising of $2.4 billion for Hillary’s campaign.

Hillary wants to get unaccountable money out of politics – by stifling free speech.  She is angered that the Supreme Court determined that donating money to favored political candidates is an issue of free speech.

We can assume that Hillary will continue the practices of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama of accepting campaign donations from foreigners, even though that is against the law, which is why they have done their best to hide these donations.

Hillary mentioned that the source of campaign donations should not be allowed to be hidden.  With that in mind, I remind everyone that the Clintons allowed over 800 people to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom in exchange for large political contributions, way back in the 1990’s. One wonders if the Obama’s are continuing that tradition.  CNN wrote:

“President Bill Clinton’s guests in the Lincoln Bedroom [in The People’s White House], gave a total of at least $5.4 million to the Democratic National Committee during 1995 and 1996.

Among the biggest donors were investor Dirk Ziff, who gave $411,000; movie producer Steven Spielberg, $336,000;retired businessman William Rollnick, $235,000; and Hollywood mogul Lew Wasserman, $225,000.”

LINK: http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1997/02/26/clinton.lincoln/

Hillary will build an economy for the future.  That sounds about as full of hope and changes as was Obama’s “fundamental change” for America.

clinton, hillary picPerhaps this time we should learn just what she means.

A fair guess would be that she will demand higher and higher minimum wages, free college for all, more government jobs and forgiving student loan debt.

Hillary plans to strengthen families.

Heaven knows what that means.  Maybe she will appoint a new Better Families Czar.  He would encourage fathers to stay with their families.  Perhaps a tax break would be given for fathers who remain part of a two parent family, daily guiding the lives and education of their children.  Currently, they are encouraged by our welfare laws to disappear.  Perhaps this new Czar would teach the importance of staying in school, studying hard, working hard at low-income jobs, and seeking a better life without drugs.  No.  I rather think she will instead call for more Welfare programs, more food stamps, and more government handouts.  After all, 40 years is just not enough time to test the success of the Great Society!  And good intentions are always enough, aren’t they?

Hillary will bolster the economy.  We can assume this will be done by providing more income redistribution, and by providing more government jobs (along with their union membership, healthcare provisions, pensions, and votes for Democrats).

Last but not least, Hillary will improve our national security.  She has done such a great job so far, right?  Well, except for our four Americans killed in Benghazi, the Arab Spring, and all other debacles on her watch.

Hillary probably thinks that having her own private email system as Secretary of State, and then deleting all those emails so no one can see them, is in the interest of national security.  More likely, it is in the interest of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Perhaps our national security would be increased if she finally makes her Congressional testimony on Benghazi, the one she cancelled due to a slip and fall and resultant concussion.  She must have recovered from that by now, right?  I predict that she will once again use the excuse she used during investigations into the Clinton Whitewater scandal of the 1990’s.  Over 50 times during her deposition she said, “I don’t recall”.  That argument will be stronger this time due to her concussion.

I’m sure that having by her side her trusted associate, Iranian-born Huma Abedin, will add to her ability to improve our national security.  What better person to have than the sister of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

What a fun trip down memory lane this is, feeding off of Hillary’s past and current comments.  Join me here for more.

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