Former White House Aide: Obama Obsessed With Celebrities, Golf and Tight-Fitting Sweat Pants

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A fawning new book about Barack’s presidency accidentally reveals the celebrity guests, poor security and free flowing liquor of the Obama White House.

A new book written by Pat Cunnane is a fawning, disgusting book from a man who was employed as a writer for the former president and now wants to make him look like he was the second coming of Christ and a rock star all in one. Here are some of the highlights of the worst presidency of all time, as recounted by a man who is unable to see the profound childishness in his every move.


Obama’s Celebrity Entourage

Unlike the boring Mr. Trump who spends all of his time with politicians and business leaders, Barack Obama was Mr. Hollywood and invited the Botox brigade to waste taxpayer money with him. Visitors included Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney and environmental looney Leonardo DiCaprio. On the more successful end of things, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan were also visitors.

And when Pope Francis made a visit in September 2015, the two of them zipped around the White House lawn in a black Fiat car.

As well, comedian Jerry Seinfeld filmed a segment of a show with Obama as the two rode around on the White House’s grounds in a 1963 Corvette Stringray. Seinfeld said that Obama was the “coolest guy to hold this office.”

Obama Was Obsessed With Golf

Cunnane also worked with the press corps, and said that Obama would not allow the press to join him to take photos on the course. Obama isn’t much of a player — he’s bad at basketball too — so the bad shots would be too much fodder for the press.

“A duffed chip or missed putt could draw out trite, stretched analogies to a failed policy or flawed rollout from a bored press pool.”


Trump, on the other hand, prefers to use his beautiful Florida Mar-A-Lago golf course to play with members of the US military.

Football Coach Suspended After Calling Michelle Fat

In Barack Obama’s America, a high school football coach can be fired if he is secretly recorded saying that Michelle Obama with her “fat butt” has no business changing the meals on offer to school students.

Obama was alerted to the tape, and called it “totally disrespectful.”

Note that Barack didn’t say it was “wrong,” just “disrespectful.” Anyway, the football coach apologized, but not after he was suspended from his position. Nowadays, you can insult the First Lady all you want and you’ll continue making tens of millions of dollars along the way.

Sandals with Socks and Feminine Sweat Pants

Cunnane talks about Obama’s fashion choices, where he would choose to wear “unusually tight sweatpants and sandals with white socks.” On flights, he’d pair that with “an athletic zip-up sweatshirt.”

Obama Would Ditch His Security And Laugh About It

In a story that’s supposed to make Obama look like a cool ‘man of the people,’ Cunnane recalls that in 2014 Obama ditched his security detail and his press and went to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee, causing panic. Ditching your team is something a high schooler would do.

Too Stupid To Sweep Russian Gifts For Wiretaps

While many visiting reporters brought food and candy with them, one unusual gift was from a Russian journalist who presenting a bottle of vodka with Barack’s face on it. Only one person mentioned that it should be “swept” for bugs, but others laughed at him for thinking that the Russians would want to spy on the White House.

Cunnane tries to defend this by saying that they didn’t know that the Russians were actively trying to spy on the highest levels of American government. Remember: Barack Hussein Obama is the president who laughed at Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was a threat.

White House Awash With Booze

Obama started making beer in the White House using homebrew kits starting in 2011. Of course, it wasn’t Barack making the beer, it was the White House chefs who apparently used a “traditional method” to brew it. The beer was then bottled and was given its own designer logo. Obama would authorize the brewing of beer for hundreds of guests for Super Bowl parties and for St. Patrick’s Day. As well, the bottles were passed out on the campaign trail.

According to Cunnane, alcohol was “free flowing” and they had produced both honey ales and honey porters, which are chick drinks.


Trump might be a crass womanizer, but it’s miles better than Barack ever could be.

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