Former SF Mayor Willie Brown Admits Affair With Democrat Kamala Harris And Warns Of Missteps

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Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has admitted in published commentary and publically that he had an extramarital affair with Sen. Kamala Harris. While waxing poetic over Harris, Brown also warned her of political missteps. He specifically refers to her “town meeting” in Iowa and how she “stepped in it” when she “lost her focus.”

Brown goes on to say that she “flippantly” dismissed the concerns of people who want to keep their private healthcare. It sure sounds like a criticism of Harris and it did not help her politically. He wrote that by Harris stating “let’s move that it sounded like she meant “get over it.” In truth, it certainly did but you would not expect to hear that from an ally or fellow Democrat, much less a former lover.

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris has announced her bid for the presidency in 2020. But her political rollout has been marred by missteps and attempts to walk back some of them. She may be the frontrunner right now, but that brings its own set of troubles. The personal healthcare issue is still very raw in America and Harris alienated many with her comments in Iowa.

“San Francisco is hard-knocks politics,” the freshly declared 2020 White House hopeful once said in an interview. “People sling mud. They punch the gut.” Especially, when your past provides sufficient fodder to make that possible.

In Brown’s op-ed, he also went into his extramarital relationship with Harris. At the time, Brown was married. That didn’t stop him from having the affair with a much younger Harris though when he was speaker of the California State Assembly and running for mayor of San Francisco. When Brown eventually won the race, Harris stood on stage with him and gave him a hat that said “Da Mayor.” Brown has also taken credit for Harris getting to where she is now politically.

Brown claims the affair was no big deal and would have been “just a chuckle” among “us locals.” He claimed that Harris was a big help to him too while running for mayor. He does say however that if she gets elected, he’ll “probably have to leave the country.” Brown and Harris broke up before his inauguration in January 1996, but Brown has remained a key supporter.



And I must admit, I was no help to Harris on the national front.

“Sure, I dated Kamala Harris. So what?” I thought that little item would put the issue to rest.

“Six months ago, it would have been just a chuckle among us locals. Harris’ emergence at the front of the presidential pack turned it into something that pundits from here to the Beltway parsed from every angle.

“Did I say that besides me helping her, she helped me? I honestly don’t think I would have made it through my first grueling run for mayor without her smarts and support.

“She loved me, and I loved me. It was a perfect relationship.

“Now she’s happily married to a great guy. And if she gets elected, I’ll probably have to leave the country.”

Make no mistake, Kamala Harris may be the butt of jokes over her affair with Brown, but she is a hardened prosecutor and a leftist Democrat that will do anything to get elected. She will take out anyone who gets in her way on either side of the aisle… she has a reputation for that. “If I were running against her for the Democratic nomination, the biggest mistake would be to underestimate her,” said Jim Stearns, who ran Harris’ campaign for D.A. She “will leave no stone unturned in figuring out how to get it done.” I don’t doubt that in the least.

Sources:, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle

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